Prince Charles in trouble, a severe blow to the royal family

Prince Charles in trouble, a severe blow to the royal family

Hours of apprehension for the royal family: At the heart of the concerns are the conditions of Prince Charles. Here’s what happens in the palace.

73 years old, the heir to the throne is several years away from the throne. If there have been rumors in recent months about health problems in Prince CharlesAccording to some rumors, he will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease which is why he will not become the next king to make way for William, which is exactly what is causing concern in the royal family these days.

Prince Charles (Getty Images)

In fact, Elizabeth’s son contracted for the second time Corona virus disease, causing the royal family to worry. According to the Daily Mail, Windsor could have found out positivity After a routine test: If his condition has not been officially disclosed, it appears from what appeared You do not have severe symptoms.

If he is forced into isolation, he will not be able to attend the events on the agenda unlike his relatives, including William who left for Dubai. However, what is worrisome is the fact that the Queen’s eldest son will also be met his mother Two days before he was diagnosed with Covid.

Prince Charles, positive for Covid: Meeting with the Queen is worrying

Prince Charles: The Unthinkable Happens

Prince Charles (Getty Images)

Prince Charles tested positive for Covid early in 2020, moderately The virus has recovered. If he seems fine this time too, I’m upset His Majesty’s Terms.

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In recent days the King has met many people, including his mother who has returned after her stay at Sandringham House: Her Majesty’s circumstances in Note, but at the moment it seems to be fine. Her health is monitored with special attention since only a few months ago she had to spend a night in the hospital and was forced to rest.

After she was vaccinated with the third dose last October, she reappeared in public places after a long period on the occasion of the next day celebrations for his 70-year reign at the end of last week.

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For Camila, everything seems to be normal for her, too: she was not forced into quarantine, her obligations were not canceled.

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