Space, Robotics, Environment, and Technology: Women of Science Champions. four floors

Let’s talk, for a day, about women scientists? Perhaps the danger of stumbling into the usual discourse when it comes to women and science – with all its subtle implications associated with messages addressed to the youngest – is inevitable. Do we remember them just because a world day was dedicated to them? So let’s try to think about the stories of these four extraordinary women who are the champions of robotics, space, environment and exploration, not only as representatives of the female world, but for everyone. Stories of determination, passion and difficulty, stories of women but for women and men. girls and boys. Because inspiration has no gender and its story can change the life and trajectory of even a boy. “We must encourage and support women and girls in stem careers,” reaffirmed the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Mesa. The fact that there is a scientist in government is also a sign. Prime Minister Mario Draghi He predicted that Wednesday would be “with Nobel laureate Giorgio Baresi To the Gran Sasso National Laboratory to meet the many workers and thank them for their commitment.” One thing is certain now: scientific progress determines nations’ economic growth, employment, and participation in new occupations. The spread of a culture that opens itself more and more to the beauty and mysteries of science can only be an antidote to inequality in all its forms. We must not interpret this technological acceleration and this vision of progress as a single track or priority. We need all points of view, humanistic, scientific, philosophical, historical and eclectic. We must never go back to the age of Renaissance humanism which is able to be governed by curiosity rather than by prejudices and general conditions. If Women in Science Day helped us think about this, it would be an advantage that has nothing to do with gender.

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