“I Love You Baby”, Carlotta Mantovan Is In Love Again After Frizzi

“I Love You Baby”, Carlotta Mantovan Is In Love Again After Frizzi

Widowed in 2018, Carlotta Mantuvan, found a smile and above all love in all her beauty.

Carlotta Mantovan in love – Nanopress.it

profession Carlotta Mantuvan It’s always been so iridescent, passing by like nothing of TV Connection Do not forget modeling career Which gave her the opportunity to launch into the world of entertainment.

In fact, co-published Miss ItalyWhere he did not know less Fabrizio Fritziher future husband.

The history between the two was enviable. The couple loved each other until the end, when it was terrible disease He took Fabrizio Frisi away not only from his wife, but also from his beloved daughter.

After her tragic death, Carlotta’s life has changed inexorably and the pain of losing her partner has become unbearable. Yet there is someone He gave her the strength to move forward and kept giving it to her.

Carlota Mantuvan lost in love

Losing the husband that Carlotta was from So much in love It wasn’t easy to keep smiling, on the contrary, the black veil that fell on her life was always evident. but by his side There was always someone Which gave her the strength to move forward which she loves madly.

Another Carlotta Mantuvan
After Carlotta Mantovan – Nanopress.it

The person we are talking about It’s exactly the same in Fabrizio’s eyes: their beloved daughter, Stella. In fact, Carlotta fell in love with the little girl from the first moment she saw her.

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star she is beautiful happy little girlwho managed to continue despite the heavy loss of her father, who appears from time to time, on social media, a picture of her and her beautiful mother, or in the special case of the last post, a beautiful drawing.

However, the little girl’s face always remains covered, as Carlotta would like her daughter’s life to remain calm and simple, away from the spotlight, from the hardships being part of a world show.

Carlota Mantovan’s love is all for her daughter. Stella quietly grows up with her beautiful and responsible mother, who, despite the terrible adversities, managed to raise the child to the fullest and fall in love with her more and more every day.

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