Theater beyond the yolk

Theater beyond the yolk

We criticize centralization, but if it is not done in Barcelona first and shown on TV3, it costs God and helps summon audiences to theaters in the region,” tweeted the director of the Pescano Theater, Kim Marcy. He was saying this after one of the sensations of the season in Madrid. , an extremely powerful monologue with a brilliant performance by Vicky Luengo, despite having the support of critics and audiences and awards, filled the audience with adversity. Time does not lack reason. The influence of Barcelona – which inevitably attracts the attention of the major media – is extremely important. And so is For strong brands, like Temporada Alta: how many times has a show that could have been packed under the festival umbrella been seen, instead, passing by without regret or glory.

Unfortunately, beyond the egg yolk there are programmers – most of them actually programmers – who are excellent. And not only in Girona, Figueres or Olot, where they find a balance between productions that are equal to the numbers and off-programme; Planet or Salt, a small ocean-going motorized ship thanks to Bitò. There are also wonderfully crafted options in Celrà, Bescanó, Empordanet Escena, Lloret or Porqueres, which has a civic center branded as the provincial capital.

Stay tuned, there's some left. Willingness to take risks and develop programs that go beyond what the law dictates as well. But now the audience is missing, Marcy says.

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