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Government rewards for cleaning up have also attracted infractions and abuses. Revenue Agency gets involved

revenue agency

In the last two years of the health emergency, areas of government intervention have included several fronts, including the financial, economic and social security viewpoint. The crisis caused by the epidemic that led to the green light for bonus And help Introduction of revenue agency And snooze But it did not discourage those who unfairly benefited from these measures.

the A new phase of controls announced byrevenue agency, which will search for violators according to a specific verification and recovery plan already initiated by the Financial Department. Thus, the intervention targets an already defined group of taxpayers.

Revenue Agency, risk refund to tax authorities

Covid, a digital revolution for the revenue agency

From comparing the data available to the tax registry, only irregular taxpayers will have to do this reset everythingbut they will also meet related matters Penalties. They will be mainly VAT number holders be affected by the controls: the same persons who are essentially engaged in activities for which the restrictive measures have been ordered to close for a total period of at least one hundred days between January 1, 2021 and July 25, 2021, Non-repayable contributions.

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Not only. the beneficiaries subordinate Contribution of the budget fund to support “closed economic activities”in their capacity as managers of commercial, art, profession or agricultural income production, resident or incorporated in the territory of the State, holders of an active VAT number as of May 26, 2021.

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No response due If annual revenues and bonuses confirm the deterioration of the economic result for the year (equivalent to thirty percent). Freelancers, companies and VAT numbers Outside Those of these categories (or even if you do not meet the required income requirements) will be under surveillance checkups Based on Checks by the Revenue Agency.

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