Perez leads Verstappen, Alonso third, Ferrari disappointing

Perez leads Verstappen, Alonso third, Ferrari disappointing

Final – Vince Perez, Verstappen is second but takes the fastest lap of his teammate and is therefore the world championship leader

Perez, with a point for the fastest lap and victory, will become world leader

2 laps to go: Perez has a 6″5 over Verstappen who gave up

Verstappen picked up his pace and is 5’9 behind Perez

Lap 46 – Furious duel for 10th place, Magnussen managed to pass Tsunoda

On lap 43-7 laps to go Perez still has 4″3 on Verstappen, 21″3 Alonso, 26″Russell, 29″4 Hamilton, 34″Sainz, 34″4 Leclerc, 46″7 Ocon, 49″ Gasly , 56″ Tsunoda, 57″ 3 Magnussen then away from Hulkenberg zu Defries Sargeant Norris Piastri Bottas

Lap 42: DeVries overtook Sargent for 14th

Position: Perez Verstappen Alonso Russell Hamilton Sainz Leclerc Okon Gasly Tsunoda. Then Magnussen Hulkenberg, Chu Sargeant DeVries, Norris Piastri Bottas

A duel between Tsunoda and Magnussen for tenth place, which is the last available point

Pérez had problems with his brakes, pedaling for a long time

Lap 40 – Perez has lost 7 tenths in one lap compared to Verstappen who is back to 4’3

Verstappen is communicating again that he has a problem

Lap 38 – Pérez is back to +5″ on Verstappen who reports feeling a little bored in the rear

The third pit stop for Bottas who must be having issues with his Sauber and is on soft tyres

Lap 35 – Perez and Verstappen are separated by 4″6, and Alonso is in a quiet third place, 3 inches behind Russell who in turn has a 2″8 over Hamilton. Sainz is 3″ 4 from Hamilton, and Leclerc follows him at 2″ 2

Straight from Leclerc at turn 23, big battle between Hulkenberg Sargeant and Zhou for 12th

At lap 31 – 20 laps from the checkered flag, Perez has a 4″9 advantage over Verstappen. Alonso is 13″ from the leaders and has 2″ over Russell and 4″ over Hamilton. Sainz is 3″4 from Hamilton and has a 2″2 over Leclerc

Albon retires to the pits

Lap 28 – Hamilton is behind Russell and looks faster on the medium tires and his hard partner

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Perez responds to Verstappen’s times and keeps him at 5″3

Albon has brake problems and is passed in the middle of the pack

Lap 26 – Perez had a 5’4 lead over Perez who was half a second faster than the Mexican on this lap. Alonso is third on Mercedes Russell and Hamilton, then Ferrari with Sainz and Leclerc.

But after a few corners, Verstappen easily passed the Aston Martin and took off in pursuit of Perez

Lap 25 – Verstappen attacks Alonso, but the Spaniard fights back

Lap 24 – Verstappen ditches Russell and attacks Alonso

Lap 23 – Verstappen attacks Russell for third place

Brilliant maneuvering for Hamilton, who overtook Sainz and finished fifth

It starts again, Perez immediately extends to Alonso who dismisses Russell’s attack

The Supreme Committee has reassembled the group and now everything is back in the game. Alonso no longer has a 5-inch penalty, Verstappen sees win potential. Everything is open

In the pits Chu and Norris to install intermediate tires

Position: Perez Alonso Russell Verstappen Sainz Hamilton Leclerc Tsunoda Okon Gasly Magnussen Albon Hulkenberg Defries Sargeant Piastri zu Norris Bottas

There is always the Safety Car on the track

Hamilton has ridden medium tires like Sargeant and Bottas, and all the others are solid

Also a pit stop for Verstappen Hamilton Sargeant

Lap 19 – pit stop for Perez Alonso Russell. Alonso serves a 5-inch penalty

The presence of the Safety Car seemed useless given that Stroll had slid down the well-protected escape route

In the pits Tsunoda Albon Defries and Bottas

Enter the safety car

Lap 18 – Stroll retires along the track with a technical problem

Lap 17 – Leclerc in the pits for a pit stop with Ocon, hard tires for both

Lap 16 – Sainz at the pitstop, put on hard tires and joined Stroll

Lap 15 – Gasly hard tires at pit stop

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Lap 14 situation: Perez Alonso Russell Sainz Leclerc Verstappen Ocon Hamilton Gasly Tsunoda 10th.

Lap 14 – pit stop for Hiking riding on hard tyres

Lap 13 – Verstappen caught Ocon and passed him with ease

Perez is now 3 inches ahead of Alonso, Russell 10 inches 2, Sainz 13 inches and 14 inches

Leclerc reaches Ocon’s Alpine and passes it

Lap 12 – pit stops for Zhou and Hulkenberg who are riding hard tyres

Lap 11: Verstappen passed Hamilton, who is eighth

Alonso let Perez go and gap 2″

Pit stops for Bottas, who like Magnussen starts again with a hard one

Lap 10 – Verstappen sees Hamilton in front of him who is having trouble on the hard tyres

Lap 9 – Pit stop for Magnussen, Verstappen ahead of Gasly

Leclerc on the soft tyres easily overtook Hamilton on the hard tyres

Leclerc tries to catch Hamilton in front of him

Verstappen overtook Zhou and took 10th place

Lap 6 – Perez, Alonso, Russell outing, Sainz Ocon, Hamilton, Gasly, Leclerc, Zoo. After Verstappen Hulkenberg Magnussen Tsunoda Bottas Albon Sargeant De Vries Piastri Norris who stopped in the pits. The two McLarens fitted the solid tyres

Alonso makes up for it under Perez, Leclerc overtaking Gasly at the first corner and moving up to eighth

Right next to Verstappen in the last chicane, turning 23

Lap four – Perez makes the advantage over Alonso 6/10, Russell takes third place ahead of Stroll and Sainz. Sixth Ocon, then Hamilton Gasly Leclerc and Zhu in the top ten. Verstappen moved to eleventh.

Lap three – Perez passes Alonso well into the first corner and takes the lead

Lap 2 – Alonso has an 8-tenth advantage over Perez, 2″2 over Russell in third with a small margin over Stroll and Sainz. Ocon sixth then Hamilton Gasly Leclerc ninth, Cho Magnussen Hulkenberg Verstappen 13th, Tsunoda Bottas Albon Norris Sargeant D Friese, plates

Alonso receives a 5-inch penalty and will have to serve it at the pit stop

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Alonso is at risk of a penalty because he didn’t play well at the start, going too far

In the Piastri pits, the nose changed due to damage to the front wing

Stroll past Sainz with a gentle pass on the outside

Great start for Alonso, who is ahead of Perez, Russell Sainz, Stroll, Ocon, Hamilton, Piastri, Gasly Hulkenberg.

Twenty single seats line up

Once the reconnaissance cycle begins, there are no less than 27 corners on the Jeddah city track

Leclerc’s choice of the soft Pirellis indicated he would start attacking immediately

Everything is ready to go. Hamilton and Sargent go off on hard tyres, Leclerc and Norris two ways, all the others with intermediates

that it Grand prize Definitely an anomaly from Jeddah. First and foremost for the street circuit, which is very fast and unparalleled dangerous with blind spots, and then for what happened in qualifying, where Max Verstappen dropped to 15th due to a drive shaft failure in Q2. And with Charles Leclerc, the second Saturday, who will have to start twelfth due to the penalty caused by the replacement of the control unit, and the third installed on his SF-23. Capitalizing on that are Sergio Perez, who is back on pole while keeping Red Bull-Honda ahead, and Fernando Alonso, who, at 41, is living second young with Aston Martin Mercedes and will start on the front row alongside the Mexican.

Carlos Sainz has become the head of Ferrari: he will start from the fourth field in the second row, to his left a terrifying George Russell with Mercedes who has to register the displeasure of Lewis Hamilton, seventh behind Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon. It will certainly be an emotional race and we’ll see how Leclerc and Verstappen manage to recover from their unusual starting positions.

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