Freedom trip tomorrow to discover the Library of Alexandria

Freedom trip tomorrow to discover the Library of Alexandria

On Monday 20 March, in prime time, on Italia 1, “Freedom” returns to present unpublished reports to great visual impact, often thanks to special permits or among dark and perilous tunnels. At the Heart of Episode VI: In Egypt, to tell the story of the ancient Library of Alexandria and its entry New Alexandria Library; in Emilia-Romagna, near Parma, to speak of Ghosts in Bardi Castle; In Piedmont, in Vicoforte, near Cuneo, to climb up The largest elliptical dome in the world, in the Regina Montes Regales Reserve; In Sardinia, in Palau, to watch Bear Rock I wonder if there are stones and places with them Healing abilities; In Lombardy, in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, to discover piece of the moon.

“Freedom” is a program from before Robert Jacobo; Project Lead, Irene Bellini; Written by Antonio Costa, Massimo Fraccelli, and Michele Rossi. Directed by Eco Fedele. For Mediaset, curated by Elsie Arfaras and executive produced by Monica Paroletti.

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