Sassuolo, top of the Vratese: Milan and their counterparts have surpassed Juventus and the word given to Inter | first page

Sassuolo, top of the Vratese: Milan and their counterparts have surpassed Juventus and the word given to Inter |  first page

Dynamics are ready to change in an instant. The Italian transport market is ready to experience one of the hottest summers in recent years. And one of the names that warms the big names in Serie A is certainly Davide of two exceptional performances in the Nations League National Team and ready for the final leap in quality. Sassuolo, in the person of DS Carnevali, aware of the talent and abilities of the young Neroverde player, tries to understand the best conversion strategies for the ’99 classwhose value rose between 30 and 40 million euros.

The meeting – The news of the day is that the Sassuolo management met for lunch to discuss Davide Frattisi’s future.which is coveted by most Italian companies and abroad. Giovanni Carnevale, Giovanni Rossi and coach Alessio Dionisi attended. Chat, in front of the good food, discusses the fate that awaits the 23-year-old blue talent. There are many cliffs on the bank of Sassuolo. And if the Premier League is the destination indicated by CEO Carnevale, the player’s agent, Giuseppe Risso, is already on the move and there are three important clubs ready to try to attack Vratesi.

Milan case – Let’s start with the last case, Milan. The sudden acceleration of Newcastle in front of Sandro Tonali – A final white smoke meeting is expected in the next few hours – He reopened the Rossoneri route for Frattesi. 70 million will be paid by me magpie They would necessarily have to be reinvested in a player of at least equal talent as an under-21 captain and the name Frattisi is the most imaginative of the Rossoneri transfer market men, ready to shuffle the cards on the table and offer Sassuolo, especially if the Tonali case is closed – as stated – By return mail. Arrow forward, skipping ready for the Rossoneri, ready to anticipate strong competition for the player, also thanks to the excellent relations with agent Riso and the summit scheduled for the next few days. And with Inter prevented from completing some operations – Onana and Brozovic above all – and Juventus waiting to raise the money, Milan is now the most realistic path. But not the only one.

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Competition – The first competitor, Inter who, until a few hours ago, seemed to be the team ahead of the Frattisi, thanks to an agreement on parole with the managing director of Emilien Carnevale. Meetings with the CEO of neroverde also determined a suitable counterpart for Sassuolo, in a way that reduces Emilian’s club requirements and player card valuation. Juventus is close, given the different cards that can be played to reduce the cost of the operation. Juventus management in the person of the sporting director, Mannaaware of the momentary impossibility of making laborious movements, He had met Giovanni Carnevale himself and agent Pepe Risso in Milan, specifically to anticipate competition, extract an agreement on parole and assess the situation.. On the table, the names of Connie de Winter – the returnees from Empoli – and Matthias Sule, are mentioned as possible counterparts. It is clear that Juventus’ desire is to keep a foothold for the ’99 class, once negotiations are resolved for a renewal of Rabiot and some transfers in order to be able to immediately generate income and invest in the market. The last scenario – At the moment, less likely – It’s a possible inclusion for Roma that already tried, but didn’t want to until the end. Last year, Frattisi, strong in his faith in yellow and red, Mourinho’s estimation and that a 30% resale could reduce Sassuolo’s claims. Capitoline are closing in on some free transfers – Aouar and N’Dicka – and plenty of transfers before June 30 – Iqra Tahirovic – in order to get back into competition with the 23-year-old blue. All possible scenarios but with only one certainty: Now Milan is ahead of everyone, and after saying goodbye to Tonali, they will try to attack Frattisi. Inter, Juventus and Roma at the window.

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