Do they say goodbye to Naples? Here comes the news about the future of two blues

Do they say goodbye to Naples?  Here comes the news about the future of two blues

With the suspension of the Italian League championship due to the World Cup, Clubs have already begun to study the next moves for market transfer. market transfer yes will open In conjunction with the resumption of the tournament in january.

Despite the great maneuvers of Tuscan coach Luciano Spalletti, there are some in the squad soccer players that they have found so far Very little space How Zanoli And the Give me. He spoke to Blues speakers specifically Kiss Kiss Radio Naples during the broadcast radio targetAnd the Francis Modugno Sky journalist, sent to Castel Volturno. Here is what appeared:

Photo: Getty – Alessandro Zanoli SSC Naples

You don’t have to touch anything, the team has an excellent technical and tactical balance in the locker room. Even a small grain of sand can slow down a gear. I don’t think Zanoli will leave, he is a footballer who has matured at home and is in demand for the lists. Zanoli is under and served. Self Demme can go away? Even if I play a little bit, I will not leave Napoli heading towards the Scudetto. Whoever wins here becomes a legend no matter when they play.”.

Napoli Football News: The decision on Dima and Zanoli

Although Low playing timeIt looks like soccer players semen to me Reminder At the court of Luciano Spalletti, who always preferred him to Demme and Zanoli due to the great condition of Lobotka and Di Lorenzo.

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