Spalletti Press Conference: Remarks before Verona-Napoli

Spalletti Press Conference: Remarks before Verona-Napoli

Castel Volturno (m) – SSC NaplesLuciano Spalletti Today speaking at a press conference to make his seasonal debut againstHellas Verona. The Napoli coach will be present in the press room atSSC Naples – Konami Training Center From Castel Volturno to answer the questions of the journalists present. From the transfer market to the field, now we are: the season begins 2022/2023.

Verona-Napoli, Spalletti at the press conference: live broadcast

Luciano Spalletti Presented at the press conference Verona Naples. We will suggest you at live text on me The time is 15:00, when the meeting between technician will start SSC Naples and journalists located in Castel Volturno.

15.01 – Everything is ready in the press room, only Luciano Spalletti is waiting to enter.

15.05 – Arrival of Luciano Spalletti: “I would like to take a step back, explain everything and anticipate the conference. When I arrived, I met Aurelio for the first time and he explained to me what his future path would be with me as the new coach. Napoli is my move, it will mean that it is about calculations, rejuvenating the team and returning it to the Champions League. Europe. And make it work, because to go back to the calculations you had to play good football. He asked us to. We wanted to do this but there was no possibility. So the goals were achieved 100%, maybe with a little regret, but the goals were achieved. Now “Of course, we are talking about Napoli, who no longer see in their ranks the most important players who have allowed the results of recent years: strong and reliable experience.. We are talking about a new cycle with this team. Very high, because we have a city behind us that deserves it. And so we must take our responsibilities.” Immediately.Then the idea of ​​being the one laying the foundations for what Napoli should be in the next few years is a responsibility that I gladly take on and that motivates me a lot.But then I can’t guarantee anything, and obviously we play to collect the maximum available.As They always say. And of course on this road, he says For many, it takes time. Little availability, ambition still high.”

15.11 – “The names of the markets, the renewal strategy taken is the right strategy? As for revamping the pink and cutting costs, definitely yes. As for the rest, we have work to do. There is still a month left for the market to close. There are twelve pips available before the market closes. less than a month. But we have to go and see what happens. This is a slow transfer market due to the financial difficulties all the teams are going through: now everyone is more careful about being unscrupulous. to go and commit the foolishness that you will take with you. Since there is a shorter and earlier start, this becomes more complicated: we have to wait for the correct time for the company and market operators to complete the set as has been said.”

15.14 – “It was already said publicly that this would be the Naples route. When I met De Laurentiis he asked me if I wanted to coach Napoli on this route, and I said: Yes. Gather the fans? We will do our best immediately, I am convinced this team will make the fans fall in love again, as we did last year. Bet me this is Napoli? Yes, that’s it: I’ve already said it, it’s a responsibility that motivates me a lot. It is undoubtedly a responsibility. Of course, it takes some support from the city, from the club, because the hardest thing to do is find those dynamics I had in the locker room last year: the ones that changed, the dynamics of the locker room changed. When dispensing with Ospina, Cole, Mertens, Insigne and Gollum. Just as there are well-established game dynamics, there are also fish, character and personality dynamics. We have to be good at creating those out there. From my point of view, I am not afraid of anything. Also because the team that will take the field in Verona, with the exception of a few players, is almost the same as last year. So I am convinced that they will immediately rediscover the engineering and once again demonstrate the quality of gameplay described above. It is clear, however, that the remaining important players, even if they are younger and more likely, must be replaced by other important players. We must not forget that we will play in the Champions League. We are in the third category: we will play against teams that have great players in all divisions. And we will also play against Italian teams that have strengthened themselves, with already well-established players, like those who left here. Just give them the shirt and put on the shirt that is already on the field. So we should know this and we should go and see later, along the way. But I trust my players. It will be a long and difficult tournament. It is now difficult to determine the path with such a drastic change. We must necessarily see it in the stream of matches: we will notice it in the tournament.”

15.20 – Only one year of contract, if I want to start renewal with renewal? I don’t care and I wouldn’t like it. At my age, it is good to have contracts for one year and at the end of the year the amounts are withdrawn. From now on, I will if I have the opportunity, to always do a one-year contract. With everyone I’m going to talk to.”

15.21 – Simeone in Verona? So, Simeone, if all is well, he will surely come to Verona. She’s coming here, and we’re waiting for her. If you stay with me for a while, you too are waiting for it. He’s one of those players we need. And Napoli at this point in his career is what Simeone needs. True purchase. Section to be strengthened? We’ve already dealt with this market quite a bit. From my point of view, it is wrong to speak of whom I do not have. It’s a lack of respect for those who have ridden with me so far.”

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15.23 – Always play every 3 days? serigo Is he in a position to play? I have 3 goalkeepers, 8 defenders, 7 midfielders and 7 attackers. As for the shifts, we’re good. As for Sirigu, he arrived in perfect condition but it is clear that, as he asked as an intelligent person and a great professional, he immediately doubled up on some training: he needed to stay in the goal for a while and recover the correct distances and measurements.

15.15 – Less pressure on Napoli? Yes, I see the players are very excited: as the days go by, I see them more interested and motivated than when we started. I see faces pull to the right point. The ball moves faster, the more shocks there are, because they will blow less whistles. This is an important matter, and credit has been given on my part to the duties which have so proclaimed. Because English football, from which everyone takes root, says this. He says we should let the match flow, there will be a variety of fouls and contact. Communication is not a mistake, we immediately adapted to the words and signs of the duties. We confidently go to play and are willing to put our intentions into action.”

15.27 – Kim? With this video that you all have seen, introducing himself, there you can take all the qualities of a man, a footballer, made of character, because introducing himself like that with the managers at dinner is a character. Peace of mind because he immediately played, and leadership in the immediate involvement of his teammates. Then complete everything on the field: fast, technical enough, strong in collision and in the air. On the second day I met him coming into the locker room and he said: Get in, run, stop, repeat. So this says it all. Other purchases? They are all players who, in my view, have something to learn about our football, and the difficulties they will have with their opponents. But they have characteristics that put any opponent in a difficult situation. Like Kvaratshelia. Ostigard too: Every time he gets on his head, you can hear the noise from the stands. Then he has character, he has to measure himself and he has a great soul. Because he comes early every morning, he wants to learn and take on new things. olivera He suffered the injury, and now I’m starting to see her. In getting him back in position, he had to fix things, and he wasn’t able to immediately show his quality: he’s the one who set the best time for endurance/speed in the tests. It is referred to as an example, not only for our team, but in comparison to the entire Italian league.”

15.30 – “How to work with OpenSooq? These are the rules and our profession, I have to adapt: ​​I have no other options. So, we’re all over the field looking at each other because everyone is developing what is their job and mission in a perfect way. everybody”.

15.32 – Verona Naples? He has always been a tough customer, for everyone, but especially us: those who think that beating Verona is easy is not a good time, they are just someone who has never worn football boots! It is not an easy match. Barry played an unusual game, so they will be more aggressive. They will give their best.”

15.33 – Simeone Osimhen together? I always try to put a balanced team of quality on the field. They have the characteristics of a first striker, they do not divide the field. But being a professional footballer, and being good players, that in my opinion is something that can be done. It is enough that they understand what the needs are and divide the tasks. Then it depends on the type of match and the type of match coming up. The moment you play. I don’t see major complications. I want to say one thing about Simeone: he scored 17 goals last year without penalty kicks. Inside the league matches without other competitions. So we made a good purchase. We will have to see the balance of the team, we have a team available that also allows us to change the way we play. Both in defense and in midfield.

15.39 – “4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? Both units can be used and used: 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. Zerbin, Gaetano and Ambrosino are staying or are they going to play? Gaetano and Zerbin are thinking of keeping them with us, because they can be comfortable and have shown that they are on the same level as the others: Ambrosino needs to gain more experience to be able to stay in a group, in the first team. Even if you put in some games, I’m sure they will come in handy. He has some important characteristics: he turns into the penalty area and kicks, he has such a “chestnut” that any goalkeeper can hardly shoot. I feel where the door is. In other properties should grow. politano? Train with the group, train well: so I don’t know the record, it’s assessments I will do tomorrow in training. Then I will evaluate accordingly. Punishment executor? No, there isn’t really a list. It’s easy to do, because whoever beats them best in training will be the one who takes the penalties. Now it is not said! I wanted to say goodbye to Garila, because he was never an ordinary footballer, because his saves were not. So I salute him too.”

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15.42 – The end of the press conference.

Spalletti at the press conference

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