Napoli and Dragosin get serious: Maxi negotiations and Genoa's first offer. There is player consent | first page

Napoli and Dragosin get serious: Maxi negotiations and Genoa's first offer.  There is player consent |  first page
Just a week ago, De Laurentiis made a mistake Because of what we saw in Napoli, because of the results, the performance, the unconvincing market, and the completely questionable management choices after winning the Scudetto. after that Promise to make changes to the team immediately. The first graft was from MazochiAnd now we are waiting for the closing Samardzic At the same time, Mazzarri's request is met, which is to buy A Central defender. Today the name that ended in top of the list It is that Radu Dragocinborn in 2002 who shows very sexy things in a Genoa shirt.

Naples plan – Napoli is serious, and they want to get the Romanian defender and have already begun negotiations with the Ligurian club. The first discussions took place between the clubs regarding Zanoli's arrival at the Rossoblu, and now this is the attempt with an expanded deal: the Azzurri put the day on the table. 20 million in addition to the cards of Zanoli himself and also Ostegardso as to be able to reach economic demand griffins Which is over 30 million in total and also to allow us to actually have a replacement for the backlog section. We will then need to delve deeper into each discussion, including the different loans that have a right/obligation to recover and permanent transfers. Everything is still stuck in one In the initial stage, new talks between the two parties may open up important scenarios.

Dragosin's will – Three players involved in the negotiations. Among these there is Zanoli Who longs to go to Genoa and find space while Oostegaard (Whoever wants to play) must accept the destination and return to the club from which he arrived two seasons ago. Finally, Dragosin, who follows in his footsteps Tottenham He himself has a dream of playing in the English Premier League. today is Tottenham But they haven't moved yet, and Florian Mania, the same player's agent, had important words: “You can never say no to Napoli” (read more here). Therefore, the first official approval of the possible passage at the foot of Vesuvius. However, more is still needed, and perhaps as quickly as possible, because Mazzarri needs reinforcements and his team today is far from the Champions League zone.

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