Overwhelmed by a car, many fractures

Overwhelmed by a car, many fractures

A few hours after their accident, Massimiliano Caroletti spoke about the dynamics of the accident and health conditions in a short post on social media.

A few hours after the news serious accident In which Eva Henger and her husband Massimiliano Caroletti participated, the latter is the one who describes what happened by posting a short update on social media.

Health conditions of the spouses

A publication, which is a Karolite publication, reassures, does not hide the serious consequences of the accident, and changes the scale of its severity. Karoliti writes:Here in therapy they don’t allow me to respond to many of the messages I’ve received. The fractures are much more than what was written in the newspapers.. but we were born fighters and we will come out stronger than before.” Then the businessman adds details of the dynamics of the highway accident, about which little is known so far.

Unfortunately, we were hit by a car that made overtaking impossible. Thank you so much for the love! This post is also for my wife who was taken to a hospital 200 km away. Come on my love, you never give up.

Therefore, the initial reconstruction of the head-on collision was dismissed, Karoliti consolidating herself and wishing her wife the best wishes, assuring that the two are in two different hospitals, about 200 kilometers apart. However, there is no additional element regarding the couple aboard the other car, which according to the words of Novella 2000 director Roberto Alessi, under which the 70-year-old man and another 68 woman drive a passenger They would lose their lives.

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His daughter Jennifer

Eva Henger and her husband Karoliti set out on a journey to get a dog to give to her daughter Jennifer, who shortly after the accident posted a post on social media in which she confirmed she was fine and asked to tag the photo. End the insults directed at Mercedes Henger, in the same hours that are about to land on the island of the famous, where she will enter next week (and she is currently in isolation at the request of anti-Covid measures). These are the girl’s words:

Thanks to everyone who worried but I wasn’t in the car and I’m fine. Now I’d just like to say to stop insulting Mimi (Mercedesz Henger, editor), she’s off for the island and it’s true but she’s just as concerned as anyone else for our mother, so stop insulting her, thanks to whomever would he-she.

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