Friends 21 PM 2022 / Deleted and handed over on April 23: Albi Perils

Friends 21 PM 2022 / Deleted and handed over on April 23: Albi Perils

Amici 21 PM 2022: Progress to Episode VI to register

Great expectations for Recording of the sixth episode of the evening of the 21st Amici Which is likely to decide to eliminate another. In the last two episodes that aired, in fact, there was only one exclusion instead of two. So, who is most likely to end up in the final ballot among the contenders still in the race? After eliminating Carola in the final episode losing to Serena and Dario and choosing Alessandra Celentano to save Nunzio, who has just come back from two consecutive ballots, dancer Raimondo Todaro as well as Albee, singer of Anna Pettinelli’s team, take risks. Veronica Pepparini.

On the other hand, Alex and Luigi, who can count on jury approval, don’t seem to be taking much risks. Among the other singers in the school, the jury also liked Sisi very much while LDA alternated positive judgments with criticism. So who is really going to drop out of school? (Updated by Stella Dependetto)

Friends of 21 PM 2022: The dangers of Nunzio

Today, April 20, 2022 students Friends 2022 The race remained poised to return to the studio for the evening recording of Day Six, which will air on Canal 5 on Saturday, April 23. The circle is narrowing and this is adding to the tension between the students and the Amici 21 professors, who again this week committed to throwing in the new gloves.

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The sixth evening will also witness three races. After the initial drawing by the jury, the drawn team starts the race and selects the competitor. The challenge between the two teams is always the best of the three tests. Unlike the first four bets, there was only one exit from the fifth. The evening of the sixth Amici 21 will also likely see one elimination.

Evening Friends 2022: Teams after the first qualifiers

The Three friends 21 teams Back to the scene today in the new recording of the evening. But how are they after liquidation with five bets? a team Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Piparini Alice de Frit, Critical and John-Eric de la Cruz lost, remaining only with Albee (singer) and Dario Chironi (dancer). Raimundo Todaro and Laurella Kocarini They lost Christian and Aisha, and are only left with Alex (singer), Cece (singer), Serena (dancer) and Nunzio (dancer). one of Rudi Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano He lost Gio Montana, Calma, Leonardo and Carola, and remains with: LDA (singer), Luigi Strangis (singer) and Michele Esposito (dancer). Risk taking this week at Amici 2022 may be an element of the CuccaTodo team: What’s new with Nunzio?

Amici Evening Challenge Gloves 2022

There was no shortage of new gloves this week. The Evening of the 6th of Amici 2022 You can see teacher Alessandra Celentano posting her new school The gauntlet in Serena. This time the teacher decided to compare it to Michelle, Send her a message again touching the appearance of her body. The new gauntlet is also for Alex, As always Rudy Al-Zorbi. Lorella Cuccarini’s pupil will return to the showdown Luigi. Another glove was thrown in Dario, Disciple of Pepparini, by teacher Alessandra Celentano. He will also have to face Michelle on the stage of Amici 21.

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