Stefano Di Martino, but what did he do to his face: he paid a lot of money in surgery

Stefano Di Martino, but what did he do to his face: he paid a lot of money in surgery

Did Stefano Di Martino Really Exaggerate the Adjustments or Not? How’s it going? Bianca Guasiero criticized the dancer, now a hugely successful show artist, for her excessive use of plastic surgery several years ago. Moreover, it seems that various photos are circulating on the Internet showing the before and after of the artist, who was launched into the wide world of entertainment by Maria de Filippi.

To what and how many “aesthetic alterations” the spouse did belin ? According to some rumors, it is said that he may have gone too far in plastic surgery. But what is the truth? Aesthetic touches Which dancer really went through?

Stefano Di Martino

There are many pictures depicting the alleged before and after Stefano Di Martino Purely for example. After all, it is enough to compare a recent photo with the one that existed a few years ago, and we can’t help but notice how Profile personly he is more linear Currently. There is no trace of that little “potato” from the past. Even from the front, the nose has a different shape, which might suggest nose machine.

lip? A completely different story!

Another doubt about retouching concerns the lips of the conductor. Again, compared to when it was still a competition for Maria de Filippi’s friendsL’blocky effect In some pictures it is clearly visible, especially regarding lower lip. The effect is very natural and proportional, provided some hyaluronic acid filler is really used because frankly there is no certainty!

away with protruding ears

She is very famous prominent ears They literally disappeared through Otoplasty. But on the other hand, it was not a secret, if not the secret of Pulcinella, a character very dear to the artist, having been photographed with Postoperative dressings. But about this judicial intervention Nobody can blame him because it shouldn’t be easy to live with such a flaw, especially if you work in the entertainment world who knows how to be very tough and tough when you want to, and also definitely very competitive from many points of view.

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Stefano Di Martino and Aesthetic Retouching
alleged Before And the after, after Written by Stefano Di Martino

But now the million dollar question is this: Is Stefano or not exaggerated in plastic surgery? One can definitely answer number! The result is very natural, and if before that he was a very nice little boy, now he is a very charming man, as well as a professional with a capital “P”. In addition, he is also satisfied with his love life since he was back in an established marital relationship months ago belinWho got married years ago, which made him a wonderful father Santiago.

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