So he changes the royal family

So he changes the royal family

after death Queen ElizabethHey, that’s me real nicknames From the family subject to changes. The Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton From today they will be called respectively the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. The surname it belongs to will be inherited Camila,Who will now become the Queen consort to the King. Kensington Palace appears to be geared along these lines: the title Princess of Wales is actually very linked to the character of Lady Diana, but there are still other developments awaiting her.

Camilla, from lover to consort queen: as the second wife of King Charles III

Noble titles, so the royal family has changed

Kate would also retain the title of Countess of Chester if William became Earl of Chester. She is now also the Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland, a previous title belonging to Camilla. The children of William and Kate became Prince George of Cornwall and Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cornwall and Cambridge and Prince Louis of Cornwall and Cambridge. In the end they will become Wales When (and if) will William be Prince of Wales.

Likewise, Harry and Meghan’s children will become a prince and princess for the first time. Charles, now a former Prince of Wales, the title traditionally assigned to the reigning heir to the throne, will become king. And according to recent rumors, the announcement should take place tomorrow. His title would then pass to William who, as heir to the throne, would be his son George, third in the line of succession.

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The Queen’s funeral is expected to arrive in ten days according to a schedule that has already been in place for some time. In the D day + 1, the official steps to ascend to the throne of the new king, Charles III, will take place. The Council of Accession will meet at St. James’s Palace and will proclaim the new king from the balcony. Charles will deliver a speech and meet the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Leader of the Opposition, Archbishop of Canterbury and Dean of Westminster.

In the D day +2The Queen’s sarcophagus will leave Balmoral Castle and move to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, her official residence in Scotland. the next day, D day + 3There will be a procession from the palace to St Giles’ Cathedral, where religious ceremonies are planned, in the presence of the royal family. The cathedral will then remain open to the public for 24 hours to allow the coffin to be venerated, although the real funeral home will be in London. They will be received by the new King Charles, who had already received the condolences of the Parliament of Westminster, from the Prime Minister and the Scottish Parliament.

in the evening of the day D day +4The Queen’s coffin will be transported by train to London, where it will arrive the next day. On that day, Charles III will be in Northern Ireland to offer official condolences and mass at Belfast Cathedral. In the following days, Carlo will also go to Wales. considered d Today +5The coffin will be moved to Buckingham Palace. From here it will be taken to Westminster Hall, where the funeral home is scheduled to be open 23 hours a day until the state funeral at D Today +10 In Westminster Abbey. The entire town will be silent for two minutes. The Queen will then be buried in the Chapel Royal in Windsor.

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