Paula, the flag enters the field with Sardegna Ricerche: the new frontier of sport

Paula, the flag enters the field with Sardegna Ricerche: the new frontier of sport

balmy. Science enters the field with record-breaking innovations. New Frontiers of Sport and Wellness will be at the heart of the conference “Technologies, Sports and Health: New Frontiers of Sports Science and Physical Exercise”, scheduled for next May 6 in Pula, in the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia. research.

The use of wearables – wearable devices capable of recording all kinds of parameters – and augmented reality, to improve training plans and strategies to assess motor skills of athletes, will be the topic of the first session. During the works, national and international experts will also discuss holidays and physical activity as in the case of adventure tourism, ie training in natural contexts, or wellness tourism, to go from 5 stars to 5 apples.

The second part of the conference will instead be devoted to personalized medicine, the use of smart technologies and physical activity in contrast to some diseases. The interventions of researchers and educators will focus on the prevention of metabolic diseases, on sports and hormones, on special training for women with osteoporosis as well as on exercises for the elderly.

The day will end with a round table – moderated by L’Unione Sarda journalist Enrico Pilia and sports psychologist Eleonora Foa – where the island’s athletes will meet with companies in the sector that will present their news such as a virtual personal trainer, a device for remote dynamic heart assessment or advanced data analysis.

“The digital revolution is also changing the world of wellness. Maria Assunta Serra, Director General, noted that the conference, in addition to evaluating the most avant-garde studies, would also shorten the distance between research and sport, and between laboratories and stadiums, to facilitate the meeting and exchange of ideas” of Sardegna Ricerche.

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The conference will also be an opportunity to present the LABSMS project, a Laboratory – Campus An innovative where the latest results of studies and analyzes will be measured and implemented, with the aim of becoming a point of contact between theoretical research and mathematical practice. laboratories – laboratory The science and technology of physical exercise, sports, preventive and adaptive motor activities – to be held in the Science and Technology Park in Pula, emerges from a collaboration between Sardina Ritterschi, Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health at the University of Cagliari and the Regional Office of the School of Sardinia.

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