Highlights of this week’s premieres (June 10-16)

Highlights of this week’s premieres (June 10-16)

what is he talking about: Chicago District Attorney Rusty Sabich has developed a reputation for being tough, and the cases that fall into his hands often end in very heavy sentences. But things take a turn when a co-worker dies and all signs point to Rusty being responsible for the crime.

evaluation: A short series based on the novel Scott Turow Which actually led to an uneven movie with Harrison Ford. The best thing about this movie is the ending: if they keep it here, the ride should be rewarding enough to warrant a remake. Jake Gyllenhaal He is the protagonist here.

06/13: The Boys (Amazon Prime)

what is he talking about: With Homelander once again becoming a media phenomenon, Butcher and his colleagues find their campaign more difficult and reckless than ever. But the weak point that saved him from falling into the well, which is his son, will ultimately be the key to trying to unmask him once and for all.

evaluation: Here comes Season 4 of one of the best series on the air, a ferocious satire of superhero stories (and messianism in general) that shines with its bad milk and unforgettable twists. It’s gotten to the point where anything Homelander says or does is worth an entire season.

what is he talking about: Alice and Celine are mothers, neighbors, and best friends. Although their intimate relationships are not perfect, socially they display unbearable happiness. But when Celine’s son dies in a traffic accident, Alice begins to suspect that her traumatized friend wants to take everything she has.

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evaluation: New adaptation of the novel Barbara Appel (It already had a French version) which features the excellent work of its actresses more than the story. She wants to be the heir to Hitchcock and Chabrol, but she imposes suspension of disbelief so often that it makes you unintentionally smile more.

what is he talking about: Roy Freeman is a retired homicide detective suffering from a strange memory loss. When he undergoes treatment to recover, he begins to remember the details of an old case, which is the murder of a university professor. But these parts of the experiences are not quite what they seem.

evaluation: A well-crafted, slow-cooked thriller with a big twist Russell Crowe That from the moment he shows his cards, he becomes so predictable that he becomes a bit awkward on the outside. And he has some casting issues, especially when it comes to poor Karen Gillan and Marton Csokas.

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