e-Power, Nissan revolutionizes the world of electric cars with a new engine

e-Power, Nissan revolutionizes the world of electric cars with a new engine

Nissan changed the world of cars. Owning an electric car is inconvenient for many, because at home we cannot recharge it and there are few poles. Here is the solution.

e-Power Nissan – Motori.News

April In the Conquest of the world. We almost all tend to future savings Once extinguished I Purchase costsBecause they are both mysterious eco spirit We all have more or less to buy electric car.

Nissan Elettrica: charging without a plug, how it works

but the The overwhelming majority Sometimes we don’t do it for purchase costs, which are considered very high, And why might we not have the possibility to re-download electric car in garage, And the columns are few. From the data we have control, Many Italians will be happy to buy a car in it Electric impulse.

To treat one of these two big flaws, provided the Aprilcreate a system electronic power, That is, rechargeable electricity without the need for a plug. This is a real revolution in the sector electric carsexplains it to us, in an interview on Repubblica.it, Marco ToroCEO of the Italian branch.

Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Qashqai – Motori.news

Here are some excerpts from his interview: “Let’s start with market data: in the first two months of the year, Bought 43 out of 100 Italian An electrified car. In 2019, before the outbreak of the epidemic, there were only 7 people out of those 43, 35 of them chose Hybrid and 8 only electric, Because they preferred the sinner recharged. This is where l . comes in‘Electric power, electricity without a plug’.

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How it works?

“It electric impulse who drives car traction during heat engine Become generator. Practically speaking, it’s like having a charging station on board. So the couple immediately and silently ».

Consumption and costs of the electronic energy method

Rear and side panels of Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Qashqai side and rear bumper – Motori.news

What about emissions and consumption?

“We are waiting for the final homogenization data but we already know it will be much lower thantraditional hybrid. Not only that, there is another technical variant: it is called Electronic pedal. In practice, when lifting the pedal, The car brakes and generates energy.”

Electronic power first appeared in the new Qashqai. And then?

“Immediately after that, he will arrive at X-trail which will only have this solution and will also be the only form A 7 electrified seats. With another unique feature: the e-4Force, the evolution of the electrified all-wheel drive system. Two electric motors: One for each axle and independent wheels. a exclusive technology Also present on aria, Our all-new electric crossover.”

There are sensitive factors on top of the list prices of electricity are too high and the charging infrastructure is somewhat lacking. How will they solve?

“In this regard, we conducted a study to understand why Italians don’t buy electric car. Considerations came out: They don’t know that; They think it is expensive; They do not know Where is it shipped?

electric charging station
Electric Charging Station – Motori.news

What are you planning to do?

« As far as we are concerned Product knowledgeLet’s try electricity for two days. Then, thanks You can stimulate the cost of electricity Getting closer and closer traditional car We can talk about annual fuel savings and practical benefits such as traffic taxes, Free parking About 2500 euros per year“.

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What about charging stations?

Italy is lagging behind But a budget for infrastructures is included in Pnrr. Like Aprilwe give and We install wallbox For those who have the possibility to recharge the car at home. Meanwhile, we invest in the production Solid state batteries. Dual density batteries allow Shipping times Cut by one-third and one recovery dropped from 70 percent”.

So AprilBut not only that, you are too Moving to change everything thrusters Seen so far, to land, in one space Decade, We have a fleet of machines for all countriesWestern Europealmost completely Electric cars.

to reach this point However, Italy must be quite busy. in the first place Few can buy electric careven if costs also come down and above all Thanks incentives. Then, the second reason, but as important as the first, relates to the charging poles of Electric cars.

this is the last one concentrated Almost all in the north and central Italy close to the greats urban centers. In the south and on the islands there are very few charging stations And the ones there Shipping times Very long. For these reasons it is urgent that it condition Take measures that Allow For everyone who wants it, de To be able to purchase electric car e To be able to travel Without having to worry about staying in it middle of the road without finding one pole to Charge the car.

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