Nicola and Estefania bis leader. Ilona and Roger are a new couple

Nicola and Estefania bis leader.  Ilona and Roger are a new couple

Isola 2022, Episode Three Live: Ilona Staller returns to Playa Accoppiada. Which shipwreck would you choose as a partner to officially return to racing? Tonight on News minute by minute. “L’Isola dei Famosi” will air again on Thursday, March 31.

ISOLA 2022, Episode Three Live on LEGGO.IT

00.38 Next couple Laurie and Marcon nominate Blind and Roberta

00.36 Carmen and Alessandro are nominated for the blind and Roberta

00.34 Let’s start with the nominations

00.28 A video of Alessandro and Carmen with the untouchables and the studio calling on Alessandro to “get rid of” his mother

00.26 Ilona and Roger arrive in Palapa

00.21 Marco votes for Giovanna, who reciprocates. Floriana voted for Marco. Antonio – Floriana. The president is Marco Melandri

00.20 Giovanna, Marco, Floriana and Antono have to choose the head of the week

00.16 Vice again Nicholas Vaporidis, dungeon with Estefania

00.14 The first to surrender is Clemente

00.12 Shipwreck in captain’s test. All male members play

00.08 Floriana changed her mind and decided to stay in the game

00.00 He tells Melandri how important his wife is to reconciliation, but also explains: “It all started because Emanuela was having problems, and I didn’t want to go home gradually. Then you know men get caught up in instincts more easily. I want to say I’m gone and then a story begins Other. When I got home, I still had another story and no one was disrespectful. I had a clean break, had difficulties, and felt like blaming other ailments”

23.56 The story of Marco Melandri. A clip about his family’s crisis together for sixteen years

23.51 Double outcasts devour pizza that also gives a piece of it to the losers

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23.48 Alvin stops the game because competitors can no longer sit

23.46 Incredibly, Giovanna and Marco bravely resist the couple Clemente – Laura

23.40 Second heat: Carmen and Alessandro against Marco and Giovanna. The latter won. So there will be a play-off between the challenged pairs who won the prize

23.36 First heat: Russo vs Floriana and Zequila. Roussos wins

23.24 Island Derby At the start of the tug of war, Marco Melandri and Giovanna arrived. In the team with them, Floriana and Zequila were newly eliminated. Even to grab a pizza

23.18 Blind in tears: “I am 22 years old and want to build that family that I did not have before. I don’t have anything to do with my family, I only talk to my dad. The music and love of Greta saved me. Thanks loor I found myself, I found what I didn’t know before. We’ve known each other with Greta since kindergarten, when we met back in the 18th century, the spark went off. She told me that if I wanted to be with her I had to stop the drugs and find myself. It made me open my eyes. I feel pain every now and then but now I live with it. With X Factor I got ransom, coming home with a platinum record is a big step, before I go home with other things.”

23.15 blind in the filter area to tell his story. Let’s see the clip

11.11 Ilona chose to “link” with Roger

23.04 Shipwreck in bounty test. It passed the test perfectly

22.51 To return, Ilona can choose whether to return to the game associated with another castaway who brings fire as a gift, or on her own, but without fire

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Isola 2022: Floriana wants to leave the match, and Elari Blasey is frustrated: ‘I didn’t expect that from you’

22.44 Ilary announced that they are going to live in Playa Sgamada and become solo competitors, but Floriana wants to go home: “The audience is the sovereign, they voted for me to go home, this was not the experience I wanted to have.” Blasey tries to convince her: “I didn’t expect this from you, you wrote to me for two years that you wanted to leave and now you give up on the first difficulty. I tell you that you have a chance to play as a bachelor on another island and with other people”

22.42 The two must kiss Judas, Zykela wants to condemn Jeremias even if Floriana disagrees

22.40 The couple who must leave the palapa is the pair formed by Antonio and Floriana

22.39 TV is off

22.38 We will soon find out who will be left out among the pairs named Antonio Ziquela, Floriana Secondi, Carmen Di Pietro and Alessandro Iannone

Isola 2022, Vladimir Luxoria has become a meme thanks to his appearance: “She’s a walnut woman!”

22.37 In the studio of Delia, the couple’s friend Marco – Laurie

22.30 Having expressed his opinion for the first time, Lori del Santo’s companion Marco Cocolo faces a challenge to overcome one of his biggest fears, that of insects.

22.18 Clip on Laurie and Marco

22.14 Ilona Staller will have to choose the new partner with whom she will enter the game again

22.08 Contact Playa Sgamada, there is no patty bonetti in the dispensary under observation due to burns, but from the study they made sure that everything is fine

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22.06 Clarify Floriana with all the outcasts and make peace with both Nicolas and Stefania

22.02 There is a fight between Zequila and Jeremias, but it is not clear why

21.58 Photograph the candidates and weak links or who ’cause’ the nominations

21.50 For Laura, there are outcasts who worked on rebuilding and others who did nothing: “Nicolas, Antonio, Alessandro and Carmen slept all the time. But I must say we have already made it clear and Alessandro has also apologized.”

21.50 Critical weather, but Alvin is keen to make sure everyone is fine despite the storm, so let’s watch the clip

21.48 La Placée with a beautiful silver turtleneck jumpsuit

21.46 Let’s go

21.42 Elari Plassey advances

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tonight through Live broadcast of the third episode From Celebrity Island 2022 we will find out which couples will be excluded among the couples named Antonio Ziquela, Floriana Secondi, Carmen Di Pietro and Alessandro Iannone. This was determined by viewers’ vote across four channels: Mediaset Infinity app, website, Smart TV, and SMS.

Alvin, calling from Honduras, will orchestrate the first major challenge that will see the reclusive community of Sagamada and the shipwrecked couples face off in Acopiada: Which of the two groups will win? Finally, space for new nominations.

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