Valuable advice for Vittorio Minuzzi – Big Brother 2023

Valuable advice for Vittorio Minuzzi – Big Brother 2023

Fiordaliso and Beatrice encourage Vittorio not to give up and to continue this adventure by showing his true self

During the morning, Victor He decides to open up with

The engineer admits that he is somewhat afraid, because although two months have passed since the beginning of this adventure, he has not yet been able to express himself as he wished, especially through one of his hobbies, which is music. “I’d like to express myself a little more.” He says.

Certainly Vittorio still has some gaps on a theoretical level, the singer tries to explain that in this context she can never give priority to music as she must focus more on relationships with other flatmates and not on studying. “Our job is to be ourselves, and that’s what Big Brother wants.” He adds, reiterating his point.

Add to the conversation as well Beatrice: Ready to encourage the rival, the actress compliments him on his wonderful personality and invites him not to go down because, in her opinion, even without music he already gives a lot to both of them. “You’re right like this” He says and concludes “The only thing you can do is really get involved.”

Will Vittorio put his roommates’ advice into action?

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