Beef and Street 2022: A union between art and science

Beef and Street 2022: A union between art and science

After the premiere of Roberto Faenza’s Hill of Vision about the extraordinary childhood story of Mario Capicci, later recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, another important element was added to Bif&st 2022 programming with The Conversation at Petruzzelli in the morning of Sunday, March 27, Between Capicci and Carlo Doglioni of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

The emotional encounter was truly illuminating to those present and highlighted the interconnection between art and science: both do nothing but gather inspiration. Because “art and science are the subjects of which human beings are made” – that’s how Capecchi began.

“Science is important for the common good, research is in the interest of everyone – continued Mario Capicci – we must think about what we are doing and we must stop because man has the power to destroy everything. We think our planet will be around forever but it isn’t. It is a fragile planet. War must be replaced by science and heart. We must insist that we be able to do better and become better people.”

Then Capecchi continued with a special applause for the female universe: “The only thing that gives me hope is that there are so many women. Women view life as a precious thing. We need the energy and voice of women. We must abandon the status quo. We need to think ahead and find a new focus and a new direction for caring for the planet. We must stop thinking “I” and weigh “we.”

From the meeting between Capecchi and Doglioni emerged the importance of being inspired by true masters, through teamwork and believing with all our might that we are much more than we think. “We must not be afraid to ask questions and we must not be content with short answers.” According to Capicci, the password is “curiosity,” as is that of children who always ask why. On the other hand, for Capecchi, being a scientist means being paid to play by finding answers that help the entire community. “I am a scientist because I enjoy it so much,” Mario Capicci concluded.

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“Science – added Doglione – is a collective responsibility and a force.” In this sense, Capecchi emphasized that it is important to encourage all the arts that inspire us and make us better. Mario Capicci then met the audience of the Margherita Theater with Roberto Faenza and Elda Ferri and producers of the Nobel Prize biography Hill of Vision. Capecchi admitted that watching his story on the big screen was a huge thrill and that he hopes it will inspire future generations.

“The film is aimed at young people – director Roberto Faenza commented – and I think that no matter how exceptional Capecchi’s story is, people still find it hard to believe it’s true. It’s actually a Disney story of someone who can’t make it and then make it.” Manufacturers have admitted that distribution will not be direct. In Italy, it will be coordinated by other stories by Cesare Fragnelli, and at the same time we are thinking that it will also spread to universities and campuses and perhaps in the United States because it is a very important thing to tell. “Science – concluded the Capecchi Nobel Prize – takes into account things that seem not to exist and makes them a reality.” In a sense and in its own way, cinema does the same.

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