Big Brother 2023 chef Rosie Chen: age, height, career, husband, children and past drama that changed her life

Big Brother 2023 chef Rosie Chen: age, height, career, husband, children and past drama that changed her life

Rosie Chen is the world-class chef who will be competing in the new edition of Big Brother VIP: Here’s what we know.

On Monday, September 11, the doors of the most spied-on house in Italy opened once again to let in the new Giffini who will be inhabiting it for the next few weeks. Also this year the truth comes out Conducted by Alfonso Signorini It returned to the small screen at the end of the summer, this time with some new features.

Among the commentators, we saw the new face – at least on reality TV – Cesara Bonamisias well as among the competitors in this 2023 edition. Alfonso Signorini personally selected the competitors to give the audience the best possible experience.

All about Rosie Chen, Chef on Big Brother VIP – fashionsoaptv

Among Givini 2023 there is also Rosie Chen, Web Chef Who was the first to set foot in the house, even before the first two contenders, Paolo and Giselda, appeared. Many know Rosie Chen from the videos posted on her social channels, but we’ve never had the opportunity to get to know her in depth, and she certainly hasn’t held back from telling her story.

she is She was born in Milan on November 3, 1985, and is 37 years old today. Born to Chinese parents, she has always lived in Milan. “I was born and raised in Milan, and I identify as too Italian for Chinese and too Chinese for Italians,” she told Big Brother.

All about Rosie Chen, Big Brother 2023 chef

It is easy to understand from her Instagram profile that Rosy Chin She is happily married with two childrenBut he decided not to talk about it on TV. Instead he chose to tell a particularly important and sensitive detail about his life, namely his love-hate relationship with food.

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In the reality show presentation video, the chef said that she gained many kilograms due to her addiction to food, which may have started due to her family life. “I grew up in a very strict family, Intense and with a very strong culture. My parents were restaurant owners and I had been helping them in restaurants since I was a kid, even though I preferred to play. But out of a sense of duty I suffered.”

Rosie Chen is one of the new contestants of the reality show – Credits: Instagram @thequeenrosychin –

This led to her gaining an impressive 60 kilograms, and then she slowly struggled to get where she is now: “I was so different from now, I had 60 kilos of anger 60 kilos is an additional responsibility on you. but after that In the end, I only thought about my childrenThey deserve a more dynamic mother, with a greater desire to teach them how beautiful life is. I needed to be born again, then I found harmony and food became my greatest ally. I bring my experience in creating combinations, contrasts and harmonies to two different traditions resulting in a unique fusion. “I look at the red door of Big Brother and I think it’s another leap into the void that I have to take, but I want to do it.”.

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