Philippa Lagerback and her husband’s illness, Daniel Bossari: “We faced him holding hands.”

Philippa Lagerback and her husband’s illness, Daniel Bossari: “We faced him holding hands.”

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The Swedish TV presenter (naturalized Italian) is godmother at the charity dinner organized by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation in Stupinigi

This evening, Wednesday, May 10, the Swedish (naturalized Italian) TV presenter, Philippa Lagerback, She will be the godmother at the charity dinner he is organizing Umberto Veronese Foundation in Stupinigi. A subject to which the artist has always been sensitive. And who cares for him after his illness more than last year She hit her husband, Danielle Boussaria cancer in the language base.

Philippa, do you believe a lot in scientific research and volunteer work?

“Absolutely yes. And I am grateful for the opportunity, through Che tempo che fa, to meet so many doctors and scientists. I learn a lot from them. On the other hand, my mother is a doctor, and in our house the trust in research has never been questioned.”

Thus, be the change you want to see in the world…

“Exactly. Everyone can and should work to improve the world we live in. No excuses.”

Is this why you are certified by the Veronesi Foundation?

“Who else fights tumors and does prevention? exactly. I think every well-known personality should spend a portion of their time raising awareness of such important issues. Umberto Veronese and his son Paolo were and still are at home with us at “Che tempo che fa”. I know them inside out, and I know how serious the foundation is. And I know how to help people living with cancer.”

Her husband made no secret of the illness, and during an interview with Verissimo, he said that when he learned of the tumor, his “vision became blurry” and he “felt faint” but “fortunately, science and medicine now offer healing opportunities.” Have you ever collapsed?

“I never thought about the possibility of a future without Daniele. I am honestly a chronic optimist and even during the most severe phase of my illness I never assumed the worst. I did what was right. I, really, trusted the science and did what the doctors suggested. Then: Of course, cancer is scary, and I also suffered from moments of severe pain, but I overcame it.

How did you manage to face this difficult period?

“Holding hands. When the storm comes upon us, we’d better fight in two. Because love gives strength and strength, along with optimism, is part of the treatment. And I’m very good at it.”

and what did you do?

“We wanted to live fully and day after day, making plans for the future. They told us from the hospital: “You’re thinking of being healthy and we’ll take care of the rest.” I am very grateful for this approach. I am equally grateful for events like that night, which are indispensable to the advancement of scientific research.”

Speaking of TV: there are rumors that Fabio Fazio is leaving Rai. Which?

“Ask Fabio about this. What I can say, however, is that our friendship is a collaboration and friendship that has been nurtured for nearly twenty years. And outside the TV channel ».

Philippa is in Turin today, for her this city is like home.

“Yes, that’s right. The city is wonderful and reminds me a lot of France, but the people of Turin, on the other hand, are like us Swedes: discreet, kind, discreet. And then: I have been working for years with Luciana, Queen of Piedmont ».

Do you visit the city of mole often?

«Yes, but always very much in a hurry. I can’t help but notice how much Turin has changed over time.”

for the better?

Firmly. Ten years ago, here, I also shot an episode of my program “Cycling with Philippa” (Bike Channel, 2014-2016 edition). At that time, there were very few bicycles on the street while today in the center it is A wave of moving bicycles, and thanks to communication that is able to raise awareness of the green issue.

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