Movies and programs today, Thursday, July 6

Movies and programs today, Thursday, July 6

What are the movies and TV shows tonight on Thursday, July 6th? Let’s go through together the digital terrestrial programming on the major Rai and Mediaset networks. From the show I’m Not a Lady, to a new episode of Zelig. Don’t miss all the movies broadcast for the evening.

Welcome to another Thursday with our guide Tonight on TV And many more programs offered by Digital Terrestrial. As always we start with state television where in Rai 2 we find the second episode of the new show led by Alba Parietti, I’m not a lady. Also this time we’ll have audience-familiar faces who will take on the role of gorgeous Drag Queens, challenging each other to great performances. To judge them and to determine the final winner, 3 professional drag queens. While Mediaset proposes again on Canale 5, a replica of loops Zellige 22 It is run by the historical couple Vanessa Encontrada and Claudio Pesio. Finally, the thriller is broadcast on Tv8 Isolation – Danger in the Bahamas In which a couple on vacation will be persecuted by a group of modern day pirates.

Tonight on TV: Movies from Earth’s digital schedule

As always, we want to recommend two titles among those scheduled for tonight. The first in La7d is a great classic of international cinematography, Thelma and Louise. It was nominated for six Academy Awards in 1992, winning Best Original Screenplay. George Clooney auditioned for the part of JD 5 times, but then 28-year-old Brad Pitt was cast. The second one on Eris is All is lost – all is lost It won a Golden Globe Award for Best Score and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Editing. Like Tom Hanks’ Cast Away, it only has one hero, Robert Redford.

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Thelma & Louise at 21.30 on La7d

Arkansas reveals the lives of two best friends who are dissatisfied with their lives. The first is forty years Thelma Dickerson (Geena Davis) a housewife forced to put up with her husband Daryl (Christopher MacDonald), an oppressive man who often leaves her alone. while he was thirty years old Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon) is a waitress at a fast food restaurant and has a disappointing relationship with her Jimmy Lennox (Michael Madsen). To get away from their daily lives, they decide to organize a fun weekend getaway with a road trip. One evening while they are at a western club, a man attempts to rape Thelma and Louise intervenes by unintentionally killing the man. Frightened, they start their escape to reach Mexico but more events in their journey will lead them to the final denouement.

All is lost – All is lost at 21.12 on Iris

The movie follows The Unknown Lone Traveler Robert Redford is lost with his yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The 14-meter long ship hit a container floating on the high seas and is now taking on water. Interference to prevent leakage is detrimental to both the navigation systems, the navigator, and the communication and radio systems. Added to this is a strong storm that overturns the yacht and throws its captain into the water, who is forced to fall back onto an inflatable boat. Guided by a sextant and some nautical charts, he continues sailing, hoping to meet someone who will rescue him before his food supplies run out.

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Other movies broadcast on digital terrestrial tonight

  • Robocop 3 9.10pm in El Rai (directed by Fred Dekker, with Robert John Burke, Nancy Allen, Mario Machado, 1993)
  • Bruce Lee – The Great Challenge 9.15pm on Cielo (Director by George Nolfi, with Philip Ng Wan-Lung, Billy Magnussen, Xia Yu, 2017)
  • Doc Hollywood – Occupational Physician 21.09 at Twenty Seven (directed by Michael Caton-Jones, with Michael J. Fox, Jolie Warner, Barnard Hughes, 1991)
  • Crazy day in New York 9.10pm on La 5 (Directed by Denny Gordon, with Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Eugene Levy, 2004)
  • A little big love 9.07pm at Cine34 (Directed by Carlo Vanzina, with Raoul Bova, Barbara Snellenburg, David Warner, 1993)
  • Subway killer 21:15 on Italia 2 (directed by Ryûhei Kitamura, with Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, 2008)
  • 5 days 8.55pm on TV2000 (Director by Ryan Fleck, with Keir Gilchrist, Emma Roberts, Viola Davis, 2010)
  • for smokers 21.13 on the 20th (Director by Joe Carnahan, with Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, 2006)
  • Excellent vintage – good year 9:30pm on Rete 4 (Director by Ridley Scott, with Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Albert Finney, 2006)
  • crime bodies 21.25 in Nove (Directed by Paul Feig, with Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bashir, 2013)

tv shows tonight

A few more tips before I leave you. In Rai 3 we find without malice The documentary, which follows the personal and artistic life of Laura Antonelli, is narrated by international directors, actors, and cultural figures who knew her. Born into a family of Istrian exiles, she experienced the harsh conditions of a refugee, first in Venice and then in Naples. While in Rai 1 the second episode continues Noosthe new series dedicated to the scientific publication of Alberto Angela that follows the footprints left by his father, Piero.

  • without malice 21:20 on Ray 3
  • knowledge adventure noos 21:25 on Ray 1
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For all the other movies, series and shows, please check out our complete guide to Tonight on TV.

The editorial team is not responsible for any schedule changes not communicated by the television networks.

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