This is what it is

This is what it is

Storm on Belen Rodriguez, in bed with someone else even though the relationship with Stefano De Martino has recently resumed. But who is he? Let’s fuck together.

Belen Rodriguez is back to talk about it, this time for a video posted in the last hours on her social networks that depicts her in bed with someone else, while receiving a B-side pet.

relationship with Stefano Di Martino It seems to be going well, but doubt has revived the skepticism of web users who now want to know more. In fact, no one expected the Argentinian girl to come out like this. Let’s see together what exactly happened in the last few hours.

Belen Rodriguez

Belén Rodriguez is in an intimate relationship with someone else

After the relationship with Antonino SpinalbesNow a GF Vip competitor, Belen is back from her first big love: Stefano Di Martinoa former Amici dancer – the program conducted by Maria de Filippi – with whom the Argentine showgirl shares a beautiful child.

However, no one expected that after such a short time Beilin would appear in an intimate relationship with another person. The relationship with Stefano seems to be going so well that there has already been talk of a second child between the two.

After that, the Argentine showgirl denied the rumors, saying that she was not pregnant at the moment. With Belen Rodriguez, in fact, surprises are never lacking, such as those in the past few hours that piqued and piqued the curiosity of users.

Belen Rodriguez

For those wondering what happened and how to explain the video in question, here is the answer.

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a few hours ago, Belen Rodriguez He posted a short but meaningful video on his social networks, which could not have gone unnoticed by the watchful eye of the Internet.

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot, the showgirl was in bed with another person with whom she showed a lot of intimacy. In the second half, in fact, we see a slap on the back of Beilin.

She is the beloved and trusted makeup artist, Christina Isaacs, suddenly appeared in the frame. This second side slapped the Argentine showgirl, sparking the web’s curiosity.

Some interpreted this gesture with sarcasm, while others saw a hint of malice behind that gesture. The photo attests to how close Beilin is to her employees, with whom she has a very strong relationship that goes beyond business standards. It was just a ridiculous video.

There is no crisis on the horizon between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano Di Martino, who are growing their love every day, more and more powerful and attractive.

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