Demet Ozdemir pregnant? The proof that had fans ringing their ears

Demet Ozdemir pregnant?  The proof that had fans ringing their ears

Is Demet Ozdemir pregnant? It reveals the truth. photo: Instagram – newsby

Is Turkish actress Dimit Ozdemir pregnant? Recently, a clear hint surfaced on social media that gave fans a lot to think about. But is it really what it seems?

Demet Ozdemir is one of the most famous and beloved Turkish actresses in Italy. His intense and turbulent relationship with Can Yaman was much discussed, which then ended abruptly, leaving audiences with a bad taste in their mouths. The two were actually very attractive versions and there were those who actually saw them married with children. Instead, things went differently and today Demet is happily married to Oğuzhan Koç.

Demet Ozdemir pregnant?  The proof that had fans ringing their ears
Is Demet Ozdemir pregnant? It reveals the truth. photo: Instagram – newsby

Demet Ozdemir pregnant? It reveals everything

Today Demet couldn’t be happier next to Oğuzhan (even if the two have been away for work reasons) and the photo that appeared online immediately made us think that the two are already considering expanding the family. The famous Turkish singer In fact, Ezel Çeliköz posted a very beautiful picture on social media depicting Demet and Oguzan. In the background, Baby’s song can be heard clearly. From here began many speculations, between those who are sure that Demet is expecting a child and those who doubt it.

It was Demet herself who put an end to the fans’ reflections, who reposted the story that Ezel shared on her Instagram profile, Noting that Baby is her favorite song and that she is not pregnant at all. On the other hand, the actress has never hidden that at the moment the most important thing for her is work, and most likely she will not have time to take care of even a child.

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Demet is not pregnant
Demet is not pregnant. photo: Instagram – newsby

The intense story with Kan Yaman

Of course, there are those who took the opportunity to risk some unrealistic hypothesis. According to some, in fact, the actress will still be secretly in love with Can Yaman, who will keep her Some kind of secret relationship. Some people have gone so far as to say that Cna’s storyline with Leotta, which did not last long, was born thanks to Diletta’s slight resemblance to Demet.

Demet gets married
Demet on her wedding day. photo: Instagram – newsby

Moreover, there are those who assume that things are not going well between Demet and her current husband. In fact, the two never share posts that depict them together and this has given fans a lot to think about.

It is clear that about Unfounded rumors, but still shakes the waters about Demet and Kane’s private lives. Both of them are, at the moment, busy in different groups and aiming to achieve more fame in the world of entertainment. Recently, Can has also been busy with an all-Italian set, starring in the storyline as the male protagonist Purple like the sea With Francesca Chelmey.

Demet, however, He finished filming the second season last summer love tacticswhich we will see on Netflix in 2023. On Disney Plus, the actress is also the protagonist of the series My world is built with ashes. As for his current commitments, nothing notable has emerged so far and Demet now seems to be spending a lot of time at his home in Istanbul waiting for interesting offers.

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