Freezing phrase – Libero Quotidiano

Freezing phrase – Libero Quotidiano

Elisabetta Gregoracchi He doesn’t mince words: his new love story is booming. And so in an interview with Nuovo Weekly, the showgirl is already talking about her new partner and throwing a few digs at Flavio Briatore: “I’m living this relationship in a quiet way and I’m really happy.” In short, Gregoraci put this experience with Briatore behind her to plunge into this adventure with her new partner, Giulio Fratini. But the relationship with Briatore did not end and never will since he is the father of her son, Nathan: “Even if we fight, he knows he can count on me.”

Then talk about the time you spend with Briatore And he also shows a bit of melancholy: “I had my first Lockdown with Flavio, it was like going back to the good old days.” But now his eyes are turned to the future and to this new relationship that protects and cements. So Grigoracci does not make long-term plans and lets fate play its cards: “I live this relationship day after day, very calmly, I am happy and I cross my fingers.”

Perhaps it is the best way to face a new story without loading it with expectations and above all without comparisons with the past he lived with Flavio Briatore.

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