The general dedication to the son is very sweet, the fans are crying

The general dedication to the son is very sweet, the fans are crying

Finally, relax for the Canale 5 presenter who has also done 4 programs together for a while without stopping.

Barbara D’Urso is currently enjoying some healthy relaxation after the afternoon 5 season. As always, her management proved to be the winning key to the programme. It is no coincidence that Mediaset also chose the Neapolitan presenter to implement the program “La Pupa e il Secchione e Viceversa”. Barbara is really a great professional. Between 2016 and 2018, there were several programs that he conducted. In addition to the now-iconic afternoon show that airs Monday through Friday, Barbara also did a Sunday version, Not D’Urso’s live broadcast that airs on Wednesdays and has been called into action for Big Brother, the version that in the past has been looking at helm steering. She is now enjoying her vacation before returning to the mini screen in September.

Barbara D’Urso continues to keep us company with her Instagram Stories. This is the dedication to the son who stirred up the masses

Barbara has always been a chicken mother. From her relationship with film producer Mauro Berardi, her jewelers, Giammauro and Emanuele, were born, although they decided not to follow in the footsteps of their parents, they are known to the audience of the presenter. In fact, a woman has never spared her children to describe her children as her greatest pride. Giamuro is a doctor who has also been involved in war zones and humanitarian missions, while Emmanuel is a professional photographer and video maker. How can we forget the joke the hyenas played on Barbara about her son. Despite the interest in her house in the mountains, which she built with many sacrifices, the woman could not be angry with her son. A mother’s love transcends everything, and this time Barbara decided to leave a beautiful dedication to her firstborn.

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On August 4 at 2 p.m., Barbara became Gamoru’s mother for the first time. “I love you so much” The presenter writes. A dedication full of love just like on the 29th of September for Emmanuel’s birthday. We know that, despite the fact that the children are now grown up, the woman does not stop taking care of them and defending them with teeth and nails. How can we forget when his son was caught bringing a cigarette with tobacco and Fabrizio Corona had hinted that he was preparing a cigarette with illegal substances and then apologized to the host “I Children should never be raised. I was wrong with Barbara, and I sincerely hope you will forgive me. “

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