Presentation at Città della Scienza |

Presentation at Città della Scienza |

Naples, July 6 – Life Sciences Strategic Plan of the South. It will be discussed today, July 6, in Città della Scienza, within the scope of Laboratorio Sanità 20/30.

After a greeting from the President of Agenas, Enrico Coscioni, attends the discussion table, moderated by journalist Romolo Stecchi, Massimiliano Pogetti, President of Cluster Alisei, Andrea Fortuna, Partner of PWC Italy, Francesco Salvatore, Founder of Ceinge, Vincenzo Negro, President of the Campania Science Biotechnology Region. The work of the round table was concluded by the Regional Counselor, Ettore Cinque, and Valeria Faccione.

“I am proud to present a preview of Plan South in Naples– He says Massimiliano Boghetti -. We members of the Trade Winds Cluster are convinced that research in the life sciences, which has direct impacts on health, can be a driving force for social well-being and related industries and an accelerator for quality of life in southern Italy. We will present a very accurate document, drafted jointly with PricewaterhouseCoopers, full of data and information that reaffirms why it makes sense to implement it, perhaps quickly.”

life sciences sector – He says Vincent NigroIt represents a real regional distinction. The biosciences region of Campania brings together companies, research centers and technology transfer, expressing the exceptional quality that our region is capable of expressing. This is evidenced by our commitment alongside prestigious European partners, in projects such as Epicenter, and the important results achieved in the field of oncology, such as the Satin technology platform. This last area represents one of the main research lines of our group. We are sure that thanks to the support of Alisei’s Mezzogiorno plan, the entire southern region will be able to become a reference point for the sector and a magnet for brains and talents.”

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Campania – he says finally Franco SalvatoreCEINGE founder – It could fully exercise leadership of the Mediterranean region and dictate the lines of development and future planning. With regard to disease control, paradigms regarding the causes and mechanisms of aging must be changed, according to the principle that age is meaningless, while it is important to take radical measures in favor of prevention.

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