Mourinho cries: “After writing the story, I stayed because I am 100% Roman” – – Latest news As Roma Calcio – Interviews, photos and video

Mourinho cries: “After writing the story, I stayed because I am 100% Roman” – – Latest news As Roma Calcio – Interviews, photos and video

Special One’s words

Rome won the conference championship. And Mourinho revealed in the interview that followed the match that they were completely satisfied with the goal that had been achieved. These are his words:

Her tears amaze us “A lot of things go through my head (crying, editor)”.

Did you expect this post? “In Rome you understand immediately and after 11 months it is easy to anticipate all this.”

Roma have not won Europe in 50 years “In Turin we did what we had to do. Today it wasn’t working but it was about writing history. We did it.”

Be immortal with this title, did you expect to do it right away? “The conference is a competition we had the feeling from the beginning that we could win. Then it became more demanding like the Europa League but we were aiming for it a lot. In the tournament we could have gotten more points but we got the goal without missing the Europa League. Doubt despite the rumours. I have to understand what Fredkins wants to do next season because we can pursue a good project of honest and serious people. You just need to understand a direction.”

It was a great decade to hire her, but she made history right away “In Rome and in my history. Ferguson and Trapattoni have won Europe in three different decades, and it makes me feel old, but it’s a beautiful thing. Now I’m going on vacation to the sea to think about all this.”

What message are we sending? “I feel like a Romanian. Maybe it’s a way of working, I’m from Inter, Porto and Chelsea. I’m on the side of those we have family with. Today, with all due respect to the clubs where I live” I worked, I’m 100% Romanian. “.

Mourinho at the press conference

It bothers her to be labeled a great communicator rather than a great coach who can get the most out of players even in difficult circumstances. “Yesterday a Dutch journalist asked me a question, even a statement. Which is difficult to achieve by playing good football. My answer was that it is very difficult to win. In order to win, you must have several ingredients. Our team played 55 games, Rui Patricio played 54 for 90 minutes, which is ridiculous. Others did more than 40 or 45 and made it to the final in these extreme conditions of physical and mental fatigue. But on the mental side we were able to work, which kept it well hidden. Physical exhaustion is more difficult and requires the emotional characteristics of a remarkable and exceptional group to overcome. I remember when they served me dinner, I told them the season was going to end 100% in a special way and it was like that.”

“In the second half we were in a difficult situation, but not only from a physical point of view because that would not be fair to the opponent who played well, they put us in difficulty, forcing us to change our way of playing. I want to congratulate Feyenoord, as we have played 15 games from the start Like us, they played a great semi-final and gave a new status to a new competition that is important today. We made history, this team was not made to reach the Champions League, we didn’t have a strong and experienced enough team and there were no different options. Our job was to improve the standings Last year and going to the Europa League. History and history I don’t play the final. I also shared the finals I lost with the players and every time I lost I said to myself “What am I doing here?” We won, the boys gave everything. It’s a shame they go to the national team Now, because if they have the same energy as I do, they have to go straight to the beach. Instead they have to play.”

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The most beautiful victory from an emotional point of view? I’ve won European Cups with four different clubs. Winning with Manchester United, even if it’s not the real Manchester United, is almost normal. Winning the Champions League with Porto is not normal and people are happy. Winning the Champions League with Inter is the same thing and winning today with Roma is the joy of the people. This has a special meaning.

Then the players stormed the entire press room with an unclogged bottle and started celebrating with Mourinho. “Campeones,” they all shout with Pellegrini in their heads and take their coach away to the beat of the music.

“Yeah, it’s like the first time. Everyone said I was an expert but nothing changed. The last few days have been tough, I’ve made decisions with my crew, and underhanded work with my players. We came here as a family we are, a family that has survived the hardships until today.” A difficult second half, but we are here, let’s go to Rome, take the cup. The story is made. Now let’s think about the next season, let’s see what is possible to do with our companions. Now it’s a beautiful victory.”

Did they make you two water balloons with champagne? “They made me two water balloons…phone, watch…”.

It took her to come back to win in Europe after 12 years without a win for Italian football… “I was able to reach the European final, with Juventus for example. 12 years is too long without a win for Italy. I hope next year comes, for Fiorentina in the conference, we are in the Europa League, and others in the Champions League.”

There are those who fear that Mourinho will not stay in Rome. Can you reassure them? “I stay 100% happy, more or less. I can’t help but stay with this honest property, the people at Trigoria, with the players they are in love with, and the fans I will be in touch with for life.”

What does this victory taste like? “What can I say? There is nothing to say.”

How long have you been working with this team? How much did you sleep? “It’s not a team, but a family. That’s the best thing. Winning today is something we all expected, but thanks to the built family and the full Olympique supporting the team after the draw against Venice that could have been a killer proof of that. The concept of the family is to stay together in Good and bad. That’s what happened here. Then there’s a smaller family which is the Rose and the Trigoria staff. We deserved it all.. When we had dinner with a thousand games at the start of the season, I said he was sure we’d do something special. And it ended like that. It’s a pity that Many have resided in Rome. Rome is Roman, in the city there is another club but Rome is the city team.”

We haven’t won a cup in two hours “In Portugal they will soon say that Mourinho hasn’t won anything for two days. It’s the pressure. Let’s go celebrate.”

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