It might be impossible to forgive Kevin Durant, but he was awesome

While Chris Paul was on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s roster only for one season, he was included on Tulsa World’s All Time columnist Bill Heston (2008-21). The list is formulated based on the player’s performance while on the Thunder roster. No consideration was given to player performance and achievements with a different team:


Kevin Durant: Since Sunday was the fifth anniversary of Durant’s shocking passing, it would probably be impossible for most Thunder fans to forgive him for saving an organization that was on the verge of starring. During the eight seasons of the OKC Tour, Durant became one of the most popular sports figures in state history. While with the Thunder, he was the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player, a four-time NBA champion, a seven-time All-Star and the best player on all four teams in the Western Conference Finals.

Russell Westbrook: Despite picking hits at times, Westbrook became the king of the triple-doubles and was the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2017. In this fantasy team, he’s been spending more time in the two guards position than he currently does. With Chris Paul facilitating most of the possessions, perhaps Westbrook can devote more energy to the defense.

Chris Paul: Paul will be the quarterback and the organizers of the organizing tone. I’ve never seen a better example of team sports leadership than Paul gave during the 2019-20 Thunder season.

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Serge Ibaka: I’ll start Ibaka on a conditional basis. He will be required to spend less time near the three-point line and more time defending in paint and smashing attacking glass. The only other big guy on the Thunder was Stephen Adams, but Ibaka was the best and most versatile blocker on both ends of the floor.

Lou Doort: With Durant, Westbrook and Paul, insult generation will never be a problem. You must have a defensive stopper, and Dort has an impressive ability to complement top level defensive play with a respectable offensive game. Also we can’t forget the playoffs during 2010 where he played as the most important asset for thunders/

Sixth man
James Harden: In 2012, with the Thunder reaching the NBA Finals, Harden was voted Man of the Year in the league. During the last four minutes of a close match, I had Harden on the floor with Durant and Paul.

Paul George: In two seasons in Oklahoma City, George averaged 25.0 points per game.

Shay Gilgeous-Alexander: In 2020-21 (his second season in OKC and third in the league), Gilgeous-Alexander averaged 23.7 points for 42% shooting from a 3-point range.

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