Jannik is in the semifinals at ATP Vienna LIVE

Jannik is in the semifinals at ATP Vienna LIVE

Vienna, Austria) – after He beat Lorenzo Sonego in the derby Yannick Siner (n.4 ATP) repeated itself today (October 27) against the American Frances Tiafoe (No. 14 ATP) in The quarterfinals of the ATP 500 in Vienna (Internal fast): Winning in two sets for Blue, which advances to the semi-finals, where it will face the Russian Rublev (No. 5 ATP). Retrieved direct from today…

ATP 500 in Vienna: all results

11.36 pm

The sinner is very strong, Tiafoe’s gesture of anger

Sinner plays a near-perfect match in the Vienna quarterfinals and is overwhelmed Tiafoe, who showed a gesture of frustration in the second set This makes frost fall on the terraces. (all details)

11.20 pm

Faulty Record: Equivalent to Barazzotti

that it Wrong record in 2023: Victory over Tiafoe in the quarter-finals in Vienna Fifty-fourth of the season for Yannick: Before him, he was the only Italian tennis player to do so Corrado Barazzotti in 1978. An Italian legend that the people of South Tyrol will already be trying to overcome Austrian ATP 500 semi-final against Rublev.

11.09 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 6-4 (2-0): Yannick in the semi-finals!

Another service that was kept to zero by Thus, the sinner ends the challenge Against the American Tiafoe (6-3, 6-4): Thus, the blue player qualifies for the semi-finals, where he will face the Russian Rublev (Victorious in three sets over German Zverev).

11.05 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 5-4 (1-0): The American cancels the match point

Tiafoe cancels out a match point against Sinner He maintains the serve and thus stays in the game: South Tyrol now leads 5-4 In the second group and when the court changesHe will serve for the match.

11.01 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 5-3 (1-0): Yannick with excitement

The sinner defends the broken bullets and He holds serve and leads 5-3 after a break point was ruled out: The match ended with an ace after a “Warning” to Tiafoe who threw the racket After the missed point

10.54 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 4-3 (1-0): Break for Blue!

Sinner breaks Tiafoe’s serve In the seventh game of the second set: trailing 15-40, the American saved the first break point, but did not save the second. Blue that flies to 4-3 After already winning the first part.

10.50 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 3-3 (1-0): Yannick is there!

Other excellent roles of Jannik Sinner: Blue wins the sixth game by holding serve at zero Tiafoe closed on 3-3 in the second set.

10.46 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 2-3 (1-0): No break

Tiafoe sends it home Concluding with a point on serve and volley: 3-2 score for the American In the second group, who abandoned the first for a sinner.

10.43 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 2-2 (1-0): New draw

The sinner carries on the service without cares Tiafoe comments: The score is 2-2 In the second group.

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10.39 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 1-2 (1-0): The American takes the lead again

counting Tiafoe, who with a little effort holds serve and takes a 2-1 lead In the second set against Siner (who won the first set).

10.32 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 1-1 (1-0): Response from Blue

The sinner continues in great service: He holds his serve at zero and ties Tiafoe at 1-1 In the second group.

10.29 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 0-1 (1-0): Hunts Yannick in the second set

Tiafoe starts well in the second set: The American serves well and leads 1-0 against Sinervictorious in the first group.

10.25 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 6-3: The first set goes to Yannick!

Sinner holds serve at zero and wins the first set Against Tiafoe in the ATP quarter-finals in Vienna. Yannick makes better use of the break in the second game (In the seventh, he canceled two break points).

10.22 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 5-3: The American does not give up

Tiafoe does not give up and holds serve: Big point at 40-30 to stay in the game. Sinner now leads 5-3 You will serve for the group.

10.18 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 5-2: Yannick cancels out two break points!

For the first time in this first group Yannick struggles to hold serve but brings it home: With an ace and the first winner Eliminates two break points And wins the game with advantages, Thus bringing the score to 5-2 against Tiafoe In the first group.

10.12 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 4-2: The American responds

Tiafoe fights back and holds serveHe concluded the sixth game with a crushing blow And staying in the match in this first group: Sinner now leads 4-2 And ready to serve.

10.08 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 4-1: Blue doesn’t slow down

Don’t slow down the pace Jannik Sinner, who continues to serve well and holds serve Without much difficulty, Thus, he advanced 4-1 In the first set against Tiafoe.

10.05 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 3-1: The first match for the American

Tiafoe’s first matchWhich holds the transmission with little suffering Close with an ace At 40-30: Sinner now leads 3-1 in the first set.

10 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe 3-0: Yannick is on the run

The sinner is well served Stretch to 3-0: Yannick is already on the run In the quarter-finals against Tiafoe in Vienna!

9.57 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 2-0: Immediate break for Blue

Immediately a A break for Sinner, who led 2-0 in the first set: Critical at 30-40 Double fault from Tiafoeand he is already forced to chase him.

9.52 pm

Siner-Tiafoe 1-0: Yannick starts strong!

Jannik Sinner starts strong In the quarterfinals in Vienna against Frances Tiafoe: Blue serves well and He defends his role at bat without worryTo advance directly in the first group (1-0).

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9.49 pm

Sinner Tiafoe, challenge begins: Yannick serves first

I started there A challenge between Jannik Sinner and French Tiafoethe last quarter-final ofATP 500 in Vienna: The first to serve is blue.

9.47 pm

Sinner and Tiafoe on the pitch warming up

Jannik Sinner and Frances Tiafoe warm up On the internal highway “Wiener Stadthalle” Before competing in the final quarter-finals ATP 500 in Vienna.

9.35 pm

Rublev defeats Zverev, and Siner is now on the field!

She’s Russian Rublev is the third qualifier for the Vienna ATP Championship semi-finals after his compatriot Medvedev and Greek Tsitsipas. (Who will compete with each other). Rublev defeated German Verev in three sets (6-1, 6-7, 6-3) and in the next round. The winner will face off in the challenge between Italian Sinner and American TiafoeOn the field soon.

9.23 pm

ATP Vienna, soon it will be Sinner’s turn

Soon, it will be Sinner’s turn at the ATP Championships in Vienna, where he will face Italian-American Tiafoe in the quarter-finals. Immediately after the end of the match between Zverev and Rublev Those who are in the third group. Yannick and his opponent are waiting To enter the field.

9.09 pm

ATP Vienna: Winners of the latest editions

Three of the tennis players who reached the quarter-finals this year won the recent editions of the ATP 500 tournament in Vienna: In 2020 Rublev won (beating Sonejo in the final), The following year, it was the German Zverev’s turn (Overcoming Tiafoe, who reached the final by eliminating Sinner) while Last year, it was the turn of the other Russian Medvedev (The final was won in three sets against Shapovalov).

8.55 pm

Zverev Rublev: The wrong “roots” of the Germans

The “interested spectator” sinned in the quarterfinal match between Zverev and Rublev In Vienna: Italian “roots” (n.4 ATP) for German due The Russian (n.5 ATP) could overtake him in the rankings If he wins the championship. Whoever passes between Zverev and Rublev will face each other in the semi-finals Winner of the challenge between South Tyrol itself and Tiafoe.

8.42 pm

Zverev-Rublev: We will go to the third group

The quarter-finals between Zverev and Rublev move to the third groupAfter clearly losing the first set (1-6), the German woman returned to the match and won the second set after a tie-break (7-6). So there will be We still have to wait for the match between Sinner and TiafoeWho will play after this match (where the two winners will meet in the semi-finals).

8.28 pm

ATP Vienna, Sinner and Tiafoe Journey

Sinner reached the quarterfinals of the ATP in Vienna Defeating American Shelton in two sets In the first round, then SonejoAgain in two sets in the Italian derby in the round of 16. Tiafoe on the other hand has first He took advantage of the Briton Evans’ withdrawal due to injury (who was leading 4-1 in the first set) then beat the Frenchman in three sets Monfils has physical problems During the match.

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8.15 pm

Berrettini, social announcement: “The season is over”

Waiting for the match between Sinner and Tiafoe in Vienna Berrettini announced on social media That his season is over. (learns more)


Sinner-Tiafoe: Favorite blue but can lose a group

The sinner seeks victory At the expense of American Tiafoe to reach the semi-finals of the ATP Championship in Vienna: According to bettors Blue is preferred… (Read all)

7.48 pm

Zverev-Rublev: The first set for the Russian

In the quarter-finals Between the German Zverev and Rublev, the first set went to the Russian (1-6)Whoever passes the round will find himself in the semi-finals Winner of the challenge between Sinner and Tiafoe.

7.37 pm

Tiafoe’s offer angered Sinner

Just in Vienna two years ago Sinner was defeated in the semi-finals When it looked like the match was within his grasp, however Tiafoe also won thanks to his unsportsmanlike behaviour This made Janek angry. (all details)

7.24 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe: Antecedents

Advantage of sin in the precedents with TiafoeHe was beaten twice in the three matches he played against the South Tyrol team. In 2019 two victories for Jannik: To the quarter-finals in Antwerp (6-4, 3-6, 6-3) and in groups ATP Finals for the next generation (3-4, 4-2, 4-2, 4-2). The only knockout for Blue was in ViennaWhere will the challenge take place today and where in 2021? Tiafoe came back to win Semi-finals (3-6, 7-5, 6-2).

7.11 pm

ATP Vienna, Medvedev Tsitsipas is the first semi-finalist

it will be Between the Russian Medvedev and the Greek Tsitsipas, the first semi-final in the ATP 500 tournament in Vienna. The Russian (No. 3 on the ATP) won in three sets (6-3, 3-6, 6-3) His compatriot Khachanov (No. 16 in the ATP), while the Greek (No. 7 in the ATP) won after two difficult sets (7-6, 7-5). Against Croatian Jojo (No. 77 ATP).

7:00 pm

Sinner-Tiafoe, where it can be seen on TV and live

Challenge between Sinner and Tiafoe are fit for the quarter-finals of the ATP 500 tournament in Viennawill be broadcast on Live TV and live streaming: This is where… (learns more)

Wiener Stadthal, Vienna (Austria)

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