Showing Girelli poker, Montemurro was worried about Beerensteyn

Showing Girelli poker, Montemurro was worried about Beerensteyn

Juventus Women – Zurich: Live coverage

90′ + 4 – The match ends with a stone from distance from Zamanian and a cross from Cernoa, who finds no teammates: Juventus Women score a very poker game in Zurich

85 ‘- Berensten limped out: All changes sold out for Montemoro and Juventus also on the 10th

84 ‘- Zurich at tenBandeau sent off for a late tackle on Berensten

78′ – Kantor and Rosucci replace Gerelli and Pedersen

69′ – out bonancy And the Carusoinside Bonfantini And the my time

67′ – Zurich again: Migros tries from distance, the ball hits crossbar

66′ – Jirelli serves in the goal berensteinthe Dutchman does everything right except for shooting

65′ – first omission of black and white rear visor, Bayroud Magnin It is overcome with great intervention

59′ – Juventus’ fifth goal: Berenstein slots home another penalty and Christiana Girelli relentlessly kicks home a penalty.

57′ – Booker Dela Juve: One great player Bonancy Berenstein, ball in the middle of Girelli, who scores 4-0 and a very personal hat-trick

55′ – Lundorf immediately shone in a fine serve in the middle of the area, bonancy devouring poker

53′ – Montemoro serves up the field Lündorff: to make room for it Lenzini

52′ – Juventus are still dangerous in developing a corner kick: a header by They walkedThe ball is a little high

48′ – Free kick Grouper off the edge but the shot is weak and ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper Zurich

46′ – The second half starts with Juventus Women – Zurich

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45′ + 1′ – End of the first half: la Juventus He goes to rest at 3-0

45′- Juventus Trace! A very nice penalty kick from Girelli: touch 3-0

44 ‘- on the other hand berenstein To cause havoc in the penalty area by earning a penalty kick

43 ‘- Look at each other again Zurich That wasted a great opportunity Benther. With an empty net, the Swiss striker kicked off the mirror

30 ‘- in Juventus He goes in search of the trio, defending Zurich He suffers but manages to avoid the worst

25′- Double Juventus! Again from a corner kick the shot comes in black and white, this time with Berensten almost imitating Gerelli by hitting her as well

20′ – excellent drafting of Juventus started b they walked, final benefit from berenstein It is avoided by the superior recovery from the Swiss defence

18′ – again Juventus. This time it is They walked When you try from a distance, the shot comes from below not far from the opposite goal post

12′- berenstein Plunge to the left and serve Grouper Who turns badly with his left foot in the penalty area: chance Juventus

6 ‘- Answer via Zurich with Pilgrim Try to touch under it Peroud Magnin, But the ball flirts with the post and goes outside the net

2 ‘- JUVE! In the evolution of the corner, White and Black lead with a close heel touch from Girelli which ends on the net: 1-0

1 ‘- The match begins Juventus And the Zurich: Black and white looking to win to continue hoping to qualify, the Swiss were already eliminated from the competition

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19.30 – We kick off the UEFA Women’s Champions League match at the Allianz Stadium in Turin

19.25 – everything is ready to start Juventus women And the Zurich

19.08 – in Juventus To prepare for launch

19.04 – lo Zurich He returns to the field to warm up

The Juventus-Zurich match will start at 19.30: that’s the decision from UEFA due to weather conditions Turin With snow covering the grass stadium. Kick-off was postponed to allow stadium officials to clean up the field.

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