Sony cancels the additional payment required for those who subscribe to a discount –

Sony cancels the additional payment required for those who subscribe to a discount –

Through Reddit, testimonials from eastern players have started appearing regarding PS Plus. It seems that Sony This eliminates the need for additional payments In case you have purchased the subscription at a discounted price.

But let’s explain the question from the beginning, for those who are not in the know. After the new PS Plus was launched in some Asian countries, users have noticed that for Development At higher levels of subscription, it was required not only to pay the difference between the Essential price and the Extra / Premium price, but also to pay an additional amount in case the user had purchased PS Plus at a discount in the past.

Basically, if a player buys PS Plus at 60% of the full price, they will have to pay that 40% off discount as well when they upgrade to a new level. That’s ridiculous, given that we’re talking about official PS Store discounts that have been exploited in the past, even before a new PS Plus was announced.

It’s now on reddit Some players claim that the PS Plus service requires less payments than it did two days ago.

However, it is still Another problem. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber and want to upgrade, you can’t decide how long to upgrade. It is necessary to pay all the difference in one fell swoop for the remaining time of your subscription. For those who have accrued years of subscription up front, this means having to pay hundreds of euros in one go for a service that you may not want to use at the maximum level for years.

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We will also see in this sense if there are any changes of any kind. Speaking of other service issues, it turns out that classic games appear at a frequency of 50 Hz, even in non-PAL regions, and this is a problem.

In addition, you will need to access the Internet every seven days to play PS Plus Extra and Premium games.

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