Italian League Qualifiers: Avellino – Vicenza 0-0, Carraresi – Benevento 1-0

Only one goal in the first leg of the semi-final, on the way to the second division. Here’s everything that happened at Avellino and Carrara, remembering the return leg on Sunday 2 June at 9pm (in case the aggregate score is a draw after 180 minutes, extra time and any penalties).

Avellino, because of the Traverse

The Avellino-Vicenza match ended 0-0, with Pazienza – the only second-placed team still in the competition – can eat on their hands for missed opportunities. Avellino was also blocked by the crossbar in each half: Cyunik in the first half, and Guri in the second (on the rebound, after the ball bounced off the goal line, there were protests due to questionable contact between Paterno and a defender). . Thus, Vicenza reached its fifth match in these qualifiers without conceding a goal, and this time also thanks to a little luck. In addition to the woodwork, Avellino wasted at least a couple of other clear chances (Paterno in the first half, Marconi in the final), while a fully recovered Golemich challenged Guidotti with a header. But in the end, Vicenza achieved a golden draw in the fifth match played in 15 days.

Carrara ride

Carraresi is in charge instead, after the first side of the match against Benevento. In the 62nd minute, the inactive ball plan, the strong point of Calabro’s team, broke the balance: a free kick taken by Schiavi, and Imperial played in favor of Venuto – back from suspension – who presided over a rather uncertain Baleari exit (he did better on other occasions). The score ends 1-0, a legitimate result based on what we saw on the pitch, with Carraresi the brightest visitors (Oteri had to do without the suspended Nardi, Pulsius and Benato, and they will all return for the second leg in Vigorito). .

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