May 28, 2023

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Slow motion Juventus-Seville: Badi beats Rabiot, and referee Seibert ignores a clean penalty kick for the black and white.

We recall with us all the controversial episodes from the Juventus-Seville match, where the first-leg match concluded with a score of 1-1, refereed by German Daniel Seibert, with the help of his compatriots Jan Seidl and Rafael Foltyn, by the Israeli fourth referee, Greenfield. , VAR Dankert, AVAR Swiss San. Boundary line interference, penalties awarded or denied, fouls not called and cards due or not. Here’s everything that happened in the match at the Allianz Stadium in Turin that the Bianconeri won thanks to Gatti’s 97th-minute goal.

Slow motion Juventus Sevilla (Referee Seibert)

87′ Rabbit hit a knock in the penalty area, but Siebert and Farr didn’t see the foul – A vibrant protest from the Lions and Whites in a thrilling final, when an acrobatic Rabiot pounced on the ball from a cross from the right, was stomped with Bade’s high leg in the penalty area. The Frenchman remained on the ground in pain for a long time, and the Juventus players immediately besieged the referee, demanding the maximum penalty. LONG BUT INCREDIBLY VAR CHECK Despite pictures from behind the goal showing how the Sevilla defender, in momentum with his high foot, hits the calf of the all-black and white No. 25, Siebert is not called up for field review by a VAR danker. And they resumed a goal kick for the visiting team, but there was a penalty kick and a yellow card for Andalusian defender Bady. A clear and serious mistake.

Referee team

to rule: Daniel Seibert (Germany)

Assistants: Jan Seidel (Germany) – Raphael Folten (Germany)

Fourth man: Orel Grinfeeld (ISR)

VAR: Bastian Danckert (Germany)

AVAR: Fudai San (SUI)

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