Minors’ gender change / same science questions and parliament remains ‘excluded’

Minors’ gender change / same science questions and parliament remains ‘excluded’

On July 7, 2022, a report from the Council of Europe was published highlighting the existence of several member states in which there is still no legal recognition of gender reassignment, while other EU countries have made progress in terms of overcoming age limits being able to transgender. Among the last countries, there is also Italy, where there are legal and administrative measures that guarantee the possibility of legal change of sex. The report calls for a change of gender without any restrictions across Europe, even beyond the age limit, in order to give everyone the opportunity, Including the palace, to choose their gender identity; Abolish the requirement for medical intervention, such as sterilization, prior to changing the sex and abolish the requirement to put an F or M in documents. Objective: To achieve full legal recognition of a person’s chosen gender to ensure respect for the human and civil rights of LGBT people and protection from discrimination and violence against LGBT people.

At the same time in some newspapers like the paper And the the truth, Statements by David Bell, former president of the British Psychoanalytic Association, which sounded the alarm about the consequences of sex change in children, claiming that there is a lack of scientific data on the subject. According to the former director of the Tavistock Clinic in London, the largest British clinic specializing in the transsexuality of minors, it is almost always an ideological and violent act, of which the child is not aware, especially in terms of consequences. who is heading towards it.

Tavistock Clinic London and David Bell Appeal

Gender reassignment interventions are performed in cases of gender identity disorder, which It is defined as a state of suffering secondary to the discrepancy between gender identity and the gender defined at birth. Adolescents with gender dysphoria are described as more psychologically and socially vulnerable, especially as they go through the early stages of pubertal development. Distinguishing between the physiological difficulty in recognizing what is going on in their bodies and especially in the mixing of their emotions is not easy for adolescents, especially in the early stages of their sexual development. Considering this type of discomfort so frequent among adolescents as a pathological picture that also requires interventions of a surgical nature that requires a very complex diagnosis and appropriate caution, before intervening in the body, but also on the mind and all psychology of these children. stunned.

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David Bell, while still president of the British Psychoanalytic Society, raised the alarm about the consequences for children caught early. sex change, at the Tavistock Clinic in London. His report was not well received by the clinic at all and was assigned a disciplinary action that forced his resignation. Given the seriousness of the facts and the discomfort and suffering of the children, Bell became a matter of conscience, which prompted him to file an appeal signed by several other colleagues and published in the French weekly. Low Point In the Belgian weekly Le bracelet. The appeal was signed by feminists like Elisabeth Badinter, philosophers like Rémy Bragg, political scientists like Chantal Delsol, other thinkers like Didier Sicard, former president of the National Bioethics Committee of France, etc. All known personalities in their countries.

The appeal reads: “We scientists, clinicians, and scholars in the humanities and social sciences appeal to the media to present serious and scientifically proven studies related to the gender change of children…Children and adolescents are shown in programs with parents to demonstrate their usefulness. Gender change is carried out without anyone showing the slightest reservations. Or provide statements. Critical scientists insult. These frequent programs aim to indoctrinate young people and make it visible via social media. We strongly oppose the claim that men and women are just social constructs. You can’t choose your gender and there are only two of them.”

Bell’s appeal aims to denounce three very concrete things: first of all the abuse that many children are exposed to who are unable to give their consent, and also because they are unable to understand the information they are giving them anyway. Second, the media exploitation of these youngsters and children and teens, is revealed in a marketing process, which uncritically and without contradiction suggests something very dangerous. Thirdly, total disrespect for different opinions and points of view at the scientific, social and psychological level, according to the logic under which a single idea is confirmed through the demonization and ridicule of those who dare to ask questions or make criticisms that call for mockery. In questioning the axiom of the beginning.

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CNB and the controversy in Italy about triptorelin

In March 2019, there were strong controversies in Italy after the decision by Aifa to introduce triptorelin, used in cases of gender identity disorder. on Ssn account. It’s been a drug used to prevent the sexual development of a boy or girl, and he’s still hesitant about his sexual orientation, waiting to make up his mind about what he really wants: male or female. The National Bioethics Committee (CNB) subsequently approved the off-label use of triptorelin under highly detailed and prudent conditions for cases of adolescents with gender dysphoria (DG). On 2 March 2019, the AIFA decision was published in the Official Gazette, introducing triptorelin to the list of medicines that can be fully dispensed by the NHS, for use in selected cases in which gender identity disorder (gender identity disorder) has been confirmed by a diagnosis that was not the presence of a multidisciplinary and specialized team Psychological assistance and psychosocial therapy are crucial.

Until then they were like daily the paperAnd the the truth And the future to strongly question this judgment, specifically on the basis of the actual lack of clinical studies on the drug’s long-term effects. To date, those clinical studies based on a scientific basis are still incomplete and it is difficult to address the problem from a medium to long-term perspective.

In the Senate, the Twelfth Committee was called to give an opinion on the matter, and in fact had begun a cycle of hearings, which was abruptly interrupted by the outbreak of Covid-19 with the related pandemic. Indeed, Parliament has never been able to express itself in the whole matter, because in the meantime decisions have been taken in other areas and contexts and in Parliament no report has been made on such a sensitive issue. But the pressure on children and adolescents continues, as confirmed by the current Council of Europe report published in Strasbourg a few days ago, and the danger of turning the classic crisis of adolescence, with its fears and insecurity into a syndrome of gender identity dysphoria appears. be latent, while the wisdom of clinical professionals, psychologists and parents themselves will never be excessive.

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