March 23, 2023

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Michele “Fanta” Senza: The Italian derby was previously won by Juventus against Inter | first page

After two consecutive World Cup finals losses, is the sky still blue? We think sobecause in the youth sectors in Italy and abroad talents are still being born that can, we hope, represent the future of Italy. This is how Mundo Azzurro was born, The old spring focus has evolved, broadening our vision not only on the last step of our youth leagues, but also on all those who are slowly emerging with an eye on our national teams.

Michelle flag – Today we start immediately with a bang, with the player on Juventus A lot of advice: it’s about Michel Sinza, attacking midfielder, born in 2006 Juventus U17, aka “Sci-fi” Given his class from behind the attackers and that the derby is in his blood.

drawn in – Son of Art, Fr baby played in Turin (Winning the championships of Viareggio and Primavera) He trained the selected young men of the grenade, he is J.He revived in the youth sector of Inter, but in 2020 the Bianconeri “kidnapped”. who took advantage of the differences with the Nerazzurri in terms of the daily transfers (almost 100 km) that the boy had to make to train in Milan. Here is his story in our video.

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