Space debris toward collision on the far side of the moon

Space debris toward collision on the far side of the moon

Space debris is expected to crash into the moon’s surface at 13.25 Italian on March 4. It is destined to hit the Earth of a natural satellite but it is impossible to see it because the impact of this object will occur on the far side of the moon. “We know for sure that it is an artificial organism, but it is impossible to determine what it is,” said Luciano Anselmo, of the Institute of Information Science and Technology of the National Research Council (Isti-Cnr) in Pisa.

It was recognized on January 21 by an American astronomer Bill Graydebris en route to the Moon was initially identified as A stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket then as one Chinese Long March teapot stage in 2014 Chang’e-5 mission brought into orbit. The sure thing at the moment is the WE0913A shortcut.

“You cannot be accurate because of the complex dynamics of objects like these, with highly elliptical and strongly turbulent trajectories from the gravitational fields of the Earth, Moon, and Sun: Small displacements are enough for their orbit to undergo even very large changesAs a result, it becomes difficult to reconstruct the movement of these objects backwards, and to determine them thanks to the path they traveled.

“Based on spectroscopic investigations conducted by the University of Arizona – the expert said, the object certainly looks artificial and could be so The bowler’s playground that started some time ago, But it is impossible to say whether this is the stage of Falcon 9 or the Long March.” Anselmo added that unlike space debris that falls to Earth unattended, debris that falls on the moon’s surface is not affected by atmospheric turbulence and this “allows us to accurately predict the location and time of impact in advance.”

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