Luigi Minnella: “For Castagna & Co. Traffic is an abstract science”

Ida Truva | Road accidents are a problem that affects society and affects public health without any solution at all. In Ischia, we know tragically of its effects as it greatly affects the health, life and death of people, unfortunately.

Road accidents in the world are one of the top three causes of death in the population between the ages of 5 and 44 years. The estimate of the economic consequences of road accidents is very high, calculated between 1% and 3% of each country’s GDP. The SS 270 is among the ten most dangerous roads in Italy, and the fifth for centaurs and infantry. 73% of accidents in Italy occur on urban roads. This is supported by a study conducted by the ACI at the end of the investigation that analyzes every year what happens in the approximately 55,000 kilometers of roads of our country’s main road network.

Architect Luigi Minilla identified very specific reasons, detailing the actions that must be taken, he says, to prevent road accidents and reduce at least the seriousness of their consequences on the island’s ring road. And in the Casamicciola Terme extension, he identified potential vulnerabilities, and warned those responsible for them to be addressed. Signs “Ariulà”, poor lighting and dangers everywhere, the leader of Casamicciola Sicura puts the mayors of the municipalities in default, requests a timely report to the municipal police and the intervention, among other things, of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Office of Mobility of the Campania Region.

A document, as usual, detailed and accurate, written at the tip of the law by the advisor of the minority municipality who addresses the upper management of the municipality of Casamicciola Terme, the Ministry of Infrastructures, the Campania Region and all law enforcement agencies.

The document is always sent with a warning and official notification to the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power in Rome, to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to the Governor of Naples. The risk factors related to the person who prefers a road accident are crucial, and other risk factors are attributed to lifestyles. Finally, other factors attributed to road safety and vehicle safety also contribute to the accident.

Obviously, it is not easy to solve the problem and also eliminate the risks. Road accident prevention requires a multisectoral approach and the involvement of many institutions.

security restore

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Minella’s warning is clear and aims to restore safety on the streets of Casamicciola Terme municipality: pedestrian crossings are very few and in complete darkness; Dangerous access to pedestrian crossings, both in terms of size and visibility, non-compliance with state maritime property privilege, and dangerous closure of existing pedestrian crossings on variant of the former SS 270 and roundabouts within the limits of the standard.

In defense of pedestrians

“The artery of the road with the greatest problems with regard to road safety and the protection of poor and defenseless pedestrians is, without a doubt, the former state road SS 270 – writes Minella – today a road owned by the Campania region, with a pledge of maintenance to the metropolis of Naples.”

“On this road, chiefly on, and near pedestrian crossings, there are very serious, even fatal, road accidents with pedestrians (see pedestrian crossings near Via Peroni, Bar Toplice and those on the alternate between Piazza Marina and Anchora roundabout); this is included The road, almost entirely, is in the vicinity of the inhabited center of the municipality of Casamicciola Terme, and for this reason, the protection of road safety falls under the exclusive responsibility of the municipal administration.”

The still surviving “Casamicciola Sicura” architect emphasizes the details of his personal risk map: “Beginning with the border with Ischia: via Castiglione, Via Salvatore Girardi, Corso Luigi Manzi, waterfront variant, Piazza Marina, and Via Tommaso Morgera: Along the entire road, all pedestrian crossings are hardly visible, they lack road signs such as warning signs and traffic lights, and most seriously, they are poorly lit at night. This is to put it mildly. Dangerous and poorly lit pedestrian crossings along the SS 270, coming from Ischia and continuing towards Lacco Ameno, they are placed at almost all intersections of the road.While for Variante Lungomare, from the roundabout near the “Ancora” car park at the intersection of Piazza Marina, specific details must be placed on the pedestrian crossing, since the extension This road is the most dangerous for pedestrian safety.

Port variable and working location

As the former mayor asserts in his outreach document “This variant, i.e. the external extension of the road, insists on up to four crossings with pedestrian crossings; this variant is still, to this day, defined as a ‘working site’, which is available entirely and exclusively to the municipality Casamicciola Terme; both the Campania region and the Metropolitan City (for maintenance) have never accepted to take charge of this type of road, which was carried out on a part of the land granted from the Campania region to the municipality of Casamicciola Terme, having not succeeded, at the end of the construction works Administrative technical test Final. For years, this unfortunate situation has not been addressed to avoid past, present and future responsibilities. Precisely on this stretch of road, in addition to those correspondences with Via Perrone and the Topless Strip, there are the most dangerous pedestrian crossings, both for extremely poor visibility and for other technical problems – concludes Minella Without failing to highlight that, this format has often been in the center of media attention having been an element in the legal disputes of a series of road accidents, including deaths.

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Various crossings with pedestrian crossings connect Corso Luigi Manzi to the port, in an area mostly within the state-owned area, and therefore the Coast Guard as well as the area must take it into account. The accesses to these streaks on the poorly tested variant are placed at the most dangerous points in the section”.

For Castagna & Co, traffic is an abstract science

The city councilman is pointing the finger at the convicted local administration of pretending nothing happened, waiting for the dead man to escape.

“The municipal administration has, so far, been completely indifferent to the problem, and no one knows for what reason and for what primary interests. All of the above has allowed the undersigned to be convinced that road safety for pedestrians is not one of the priorities that the administration headed by Mayor GiBì Castagna has set to protect the citizens of Casamicciola Terme. To Castagna & Co, Traffic is a mere science that the Commissioner, who is responsible for such dangerous situations, Deputy Mayor Selvetelli, does not know at all how to assess it, so pedestrian safety is a simple utopia.The important thing is to employ people, in a caring manner , to unite the established management style of voting exchange with a few days of sham work, such as traffic assistants, at the end of the tourist season, for the exclusive control of punitive blue lines and non-hazardous pedestrian crossing, with no regard for safety whatsoever.”

Considering the mayor of Castagna, traffic advisor Silvitelli and director J. Michele Maria Baldino, also responsible, as of origin, for any accident and/or damage to persons and/or property, due to the serious lack of road safety on the roads within the municipality’s territory, on the former state road and, principally, in relation to the variable External, regarding the lack of any indication of danger around the existing pedestrian crossings, I ask the Traffic Police Command (Giovanni Matera now traveling to retire, editor) for a proper report on the problems with the current danger at the pedestrian crossing in the strip, the size of the pedestrian gates, the possibility of Seeing it day and night, the presence of illegal gates closing the gates themselves, with reference to the mayor and director of UTC, immediate measures to be fulfilled.”

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At the same time, Minella’s warnings and official notice were sent against Michele Maria Baldino, Director of UTC, and General Secretary Anna Le Bizzi and to Mayor J.B. Castagna.

Specific requests and accusations that the counterpart and the Casamicciola Council do not fail to transmit also to the Director General of Mobility in the Campania region, to the Director in charge of the operational unit of the state-owned maritime sector in the Campania region.

For architect Casamicciolese in reference to the entry of the regional law n. 5 of 29.06.2021 “It is necessary to check the current security of the port.” That is why Luigi Minella asks the head of the port in Ischia and Luccamari in Casamicciola Terme to carry out all the necessary examinations that are expected.”

Minella asks the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Ministry of Infrastructure in Rome, which actually supervises the regularity of the use of the spaces, to assess the penalties envisaged for such illegal and unlawful situations, and requests controls from other responsible state bodies. In 112 Mennella demands that all necessary checks be made regarding the regularity of the works carried out, pedestrian gates, signs and pedestrian crossings and the assessment of any offenses and omissions, even at the expense of the public. Pedestrians and citizens of Casamicciola Terme.

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