“The payoff on medical devices is unfair and with the crisis plunging companies. Ready to challenge the norm.” Speak Boggetti (Confindustria DM)

by Luciano Vasari

The number one consortium that brings together hardware companies has criticized the measure that puts companies more than 2 billion above the spending cap for the years 2015-2018. “A measure that once again obscures a corporate tax at a time that is, among other things, dramatic for our economy.”

September 08

Between “energy costs, war, post-pandemic”, medical device companies are facing great difficulty. And if we add to this the 2015-2018 payoff that charges companies in the sector more than $2 billion above the spending cap, the future becomes “black”. This is the logic Massimiliano Bugetti, head of Confindustria Medical Devices criticizing the new payment measures adopted by the government. Adopting such a measure at this point in the crisis shows a lack of political sensitivity. This is one of the most dangerous aspects.”

The President directly in the Cesarini district before the elections the verdict for payment arrived. We are talking about more than 2 billion paid by companies. cold shower?
A measure that once again hides corporate tax at a time that is, among other things, dramatic for our economy. The recovery itself already has some distortions that are magnified with regard to the medical device sector. We cannot believe that there are bids in which prices and quantities are determined and then subsequent, in this case after years a contribution of 50% of the overrun is requested for which the companies have no responsibility. And then, as a rule, there is a big fairness issue.

what do you mean by that?Take, for example, a company that manufactures diagnostic products and has a large number of sales and therefore the area has spent more than the ceiling. However, at the same time, the company that produces diapers has experienced a decrease in its turnover. Here, in this case, the company that sold less will have to cover the excess of expenses for which it is not responsible. Then there is the issue of economic compensation, which is the insanity where it is not clear how ex-tax money can be replaced by trade credits. Not forgetting how there is a risk that each region may interpret the guidelines in its own way. Finally, I think that adopting such a measure at this point in the crisis shows a lack of political sensitivity. This is one of the most dangerous aspects.

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But did you face the ministry?
The wrong way has been taken. We have repeatedly indicated to the Ministry that this ruling is unfair and this mechanism should be blocked. We were willing to find solutions together by participating in the hardware governance schedule that the Department and the Territories were to have, but this item penalizing us and that’s it in the end before calling the table.

But shouldn’t companies allocate resources?
I will not confuse judgment with money. Wherever there have been judgments, we are talking about balance sheet items that are quite different from the funds in existence and which are now being ordered from our companies. By the way the resource on nearly 8 years.

Are companies considering appeal?
Companies will surely find all possible ways to defy the law which, as we have been denouncing for some time, is really poorly implemented.

What scenario do you see at this point?
Black, I would like to remind you that we are companies that produce health and we cannot afford to shut down machines at the risk of leaving health facilities without citizens’ treatment tools. Between energy costs, the war, and the post-pandemic era, we face a great difficulty, the most serious of which is that the issue of health is off the agenda of all parties in the campaign. I worry, even by an industrialist as a citizen.

Luciano Vasari

08 September 2022
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