August 11, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Dybala is a target for Napoli, but there is a big obstacle for A1”

“Let’s see what happens, the highway to Milan is long and we’re just at the toll booth.”

More Target Radio on Kiss Kiss Naples Reporter’s intervention Carlo Alvino: “Replacing Coulibaly is a giant project, I don’t want to be in the place of Giuntoli and De Laurentiis. More than replacing the Senegalese, Napoli should think about building a defensive division that is suitable in terms of quality and quantity. Replacing Koulibaly is objectively impossible, because we are talking about a first-class player who will now have to compete in a difficult league like the Premier League. Good luck and long life at Kaleido! Now it is hoped that Napoli can provide a strong defensive management for Spalletti to try to reach the top four in the league, without Koulibaly it will be more difficult.”

Dybala? On the road that leads Naples to Dybala, there is a huge obstacle called Marotta. If Dybala really does keep his word with Inter, I don’t know how Napoli can get past that hurdle, but if De Laurentiis are not around, they can take the A1 towards the Argentine. Napoli really loves the player, he is a goal. In Spalletti with Napoli, he would have made an important technical contribution, especially if he had done well. Let’s see what happens, the highway to Milan is long and we’re just at the toll booth“.

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