MG 4 test, data sheet, reviews and dimensions 64 kWh luxury

MG 4 test, data sheet, reviews and dimensions 64 kWh luxury

Chinese for sale

this is MG 4 It is a current average born on a platform dedicated to electric cars, which includes a flat-floor battery and a rear-wheel drive: the same “recipe” that Volkswagen chose for the MEB platform, used for cars such as the ID.3 and Cupra Born (closest competitors in features and costs about 10% more). The British brand, in the orbit of Chinese Saic since 2007, aims to grow rapidly in Italy, reaching 20,000 registrations in 2023: today it has 55 merchants with 100 points of sale, the latter is expected to rise to 120 in the coming months.

Like many other cars made in China, the trump card for MG 4 Is the price: it costs like a small car with electricity but is more spacious, more powerful and has more autonomy. There are two versions: 170 hp and a 51 kWh battery (50.8 usable) and 350 km of autonomy Official or with 204 hp, 64 kWh (61.7 real) and 450 km symmetrical (435 for luxury testing). With the larger accumulator, better charging performance has been added: the vehicle accepts 11 kW instead of 6.6 at AC (the most common home and pole current) and 135 kW instead of 117 using the DC’s ultra-fast poles. With the latter, according to the company, it goes from 5 to 80% of a charge in about 40 minutes with both versions of the MG4.

my choice? No thank you

All the MG 4 It comes standard with Level 2 semi-autonomous driving (adaptive cruise control and lane centering) and automatic emergency braking. But only more expensive luxury. luxury From the test (35,990 euros) it has a blind spot monitoring system, lane change assist, 360-degree cameras as well as rear distance sensors, a dazzling interior mirror, a heated steering wheel and a navigator. In addition to the signals (with braking capability) for vehicles that arrive sideways when exiting in the back of a parking lot. In general, the additional cost of 2000 euros compared to Comfort with the same mechanisms is justified.

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Guaranteed 7 years

The “basic” standard with a 51 kWh battery, Starting at €29,990 Instead, it has more sparse equipment: a plastic steering wheel instead of leather-covered, 16-inch steel wheels instead of 17-inch and more. no one MG 4However, it includes options: it simplifies the selection at the expense of customization, which is limited to colors (650 euros for metal). On the other hand, the warranty is long: 7 years or 150,000 km. However, it must be said that in other cars powered by batteries, the electrical part is covered for 8 years, if not even 10 …

obvious savings

inside MG 4 It is well ventilated, even for those who are sitting on the sofa. However, the desire to offer this electricity at a hefty price led to obvious savings, not found in other MGs (such as EHS, over here and test and HS, which is characterized by a finishing treated even according to European standards). too much Hard plastic materialAlthough the dashboard and part of the door panels are nicely painted, they are used to trim the pillars. And even those used in some commands don’t give a great idea of ​​quality. In addition, the roof handles, door sills, tail lights, central armrest and air vents are missing.

a lot of touch

Practice the big thing wheel Central, in a raised position and near the charging pad for mobile phones, to be used to select forward or reverse gear. In the center of the instrument panel is a 10.3-inch display: it is responsive but not always intuitive and contains small virtual texts and switches that can be distracting while driving. The “climate” is also controlled from this screen, which is only one area: the relative menu must be called up each time by swiping the finger from top to bottom, and other information is hidden. Standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that only work with the cable. Just MG 4 Luxury has a navigator that displays indicators in the small, well-read dashboard but is only in English (plus voice commands).

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wide but irregular

The trunk It has a decent capacity and an irregular shape: the wheel arches are prominent, and the interior width is reduced to 95 cm. On the MG 4 There’s also a raised (removable) panel that allows the top to flush with the sofa back when this is down but reduces the usable liters from 363 to 350. Finally, the upper interior of the tailgate, bare metal, is a bit “cheap”.

very short test

We can drive there MG 4 Only a few kilometres, so we’re deferring final judgments to a future test using automated measurements. As one might expect from an electric car, in any of the driving modes (also selected from a submenu on the center display) the response is immediate and lively. Fit to absorb detachment (also thanks to the tires with high shoulders) and soundproof. However, it must be said that on the most noticeable bumps the car does not give the feeling of “compactness” that the best competitors have. The steering is calibrated to be light, even in a sporty driving mode: thanks to the rear-wheel drive also (without the axle shafts, the front wheels steer more), maneuvering becomes a “game”.

Here it needs improvement

On a short stretch on the Ring Road, we also tried the Level 2 semi-autonomous guide MG 4: To keep the car in the middle of the lane, the electronics require continuous precise steering corrections that reduce comfort. And by limiting the distance to be maintained with vehicles in front of us to a minimum, you really get “lower”. Finally, brake modulation at low speed must be improved: the transition between regenerative braking and the action of the calipers and discs is palpable.

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Regenerative braking can be set in three levels, but none of them reach the “single pedal” function, that is, when the engine brakes (which recharges the battery during decelerations) is so severe that it stops the car. In addition there is the “adaptive” level: MG 4 He decides for himself whether to “pass” as if in neutral or slow down based on the presence or absence of cars in front of us, detected by front radar.

In our opinion

> gift or grant. The benchmark is rich, especially for safety.
> a guarantee. It is really long: 7 years or 150,000 km.
> price. Also considering what they offer as standard, to be an electrician doesn’t cost much.

> Touch controlsor. There is a lot (climate control, driving modes and more) and it leads to a distraction while driving.
> Economic details. Voice commands and the navigator are in English only, the knobs on the ceiling are missing, and behind them, the air vents and roof lights. The “climate” is only mono zone and some cheap plastics.
> Adjust. Advanced driving aids should be better calibrated. Brakes at low speed are not highly adjustable.

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