March 25, 2023

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Weekend in Genoa and surroundings, what to do

October continues with the expected opening of the Science Festival, but as always there are many dates scheduled in Genoa and its county between fall festivals, events, concerts, theater, festivals, cultural parades and much more. To help you evaluate, here are ten weekend getaway ideas.

To consult the full program it is possible click here. for movie lovers, on this link Programming rooms Genoa.

1. Science Festival

The dissemination of scientific culture event returns until November 1, when it will attend about 300 events in 49 locations in Genoa in addition to conferences, workshops, exhibitions, performances and various activities. Find out more

2. Chestnut Trophy Festival in Pousala

Traditional products, markets, music, fairs and a historical parade for the Autumn Festival scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Several specialties that stand out among them the legendary chestnut trophy. Find out more

3. Nada at the party

The famous singer opened Friday evening at Giardini Luzzati the presentation tour of the new album. Singer-songwriter Kristina Niko opens. Find out more

4. Oktober Pest in Campo Ligure

On Friday and Saturday, the event that combines craft beer and pesto finally returns, along with games, music and markets. Find out more

5. Genoese tattoo convention

Weekend dedicated to ink on skin with tattoo artists from all over Italy and abroad. Find out more

6. “Big Data B&B” at the Duse Theater

As part of the Women’s Excellence Festival, Laura Corino gave a solo show on Saturday and Sunday that reflects new digital horizons. Find out more

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7. Chestnuts and wines in Arenzano

Appointment on Sunday at the Shrine of the Child Jesus in Prague, and the proceeds will be donated to charity. Find out more

8. Historic Re-enactment of “Tigulio Circuit”

On Saturdays and Sundays in Santa Margherita there will be exhibitions, shows and re-enactments of the famous motorcycle race that celebrates its centenary. Find out more

9. “Disney and Bonelli” in Camogli

The exhibition dedicated to the comics “Il Porto delle Storie”, underway in Camogli, opens the exhibition of works by Andrea Frisero and Anna Lazzarini, beloved designers of Disney and Sergio Bonelli Edtor. Find out more

10. “Genoa Play”

On Saturdays and Sundays at Villa Gruber, the event returns and re-fashions traditional games like grette and tug of war. Find out more