Attacking the US Congress and calling Trump to take an oath

Attacking the US Congress and calling Trump to take an oath

commission of inquiry intoAssault on CapitoOn January 6, 2021 officially sent today a Donald Trump A note to bring affidavit under oath by November 14 and submit documents by November 4. If he doesn’t respect him, he risks imprisonment like his previous strategy, Steve Bannon, unless he evades him by invoking the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. Yesterday a federal court in Washington imposed a four-month fine and a $6,500 fine on the 68-year-old former campaign chairman and later White House strategist, to anger Congress. Disputed crime for refusing to testify and provide documents in the parliamentary inquiry into the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. In November, it will be the role of former Councilman Peter Navarro, accused of the same crime.

commission U.S. Congress It met, unanimously, on October 13 by Trump. “We need sworn testimony from the main protagonist that night,” the Republican said. Liz CheneyVice President of the Authority. The hack came during the committee’s 10th plenary session, ahead of the midterm elections, after a parliamentary investigation yielded significant evidence of Trump’s efforts to reverse his efforts. electoral defeat In November 2020, it culminated in his supporters’ attack on the Capitol after a demonstration in Washington. In particular, unpublished intelligence reports showed how extremist groups From the right they planned a rebellion for weeks, and sent their men to the capital for this.

“It is our duty to seek answers directly from the man who launched this order. Every American is entitled to these answers,” Cheney added. To describe the former president’s state of mind after the defeat, the commission released new material, some of which Testimonials – Recommendations of close collaborators. According to a former White House officer, Alyssa Farrah GriffinFor example, Trump said on one occasion while watching Joe Biden on TV: “Do you think I lost to this?” The parliamentary body has met so far more than a year ago, and is listening to more than 1500 witnesses Collect thousands of documents. It is expected to issue a report on its investigation in December, after which – according to the rules – it will resolve within it. thirty daysWith the new Congress taking office.

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