Unions once again criticize Iberia for a “lack of information” about the new deal

Unions once again criticize Iberia for a “lack of information” about the new deal

Urgent request from the State Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumerism of the General Trade Union (FeSMC-UGT) and the Aviation Sector of the Workers' Committees (CCOO). Meeting with Iberia He is faced with “unanswered questions” that, in his opinion, leave the company regarding the creation of SOEGS, the new handling company. In this way, the debate is reopened on how to manage this conflict that would have left hundreds of people without work, but ultimately led to their relocation elsewhere. Of course, Ibera's idea of ​​creating an offshore company, but with a large majority owned by the airline, has not yet convinced the unions, which – although they agree with it – are demanding more detailed information about how it operates.

The unions explained, in a statement, that the company gathered them to inform them about the new handling, the date of which had been tentatively planned. For May 9th They will “soon begin” the delivery of the mandatory legal documents for the operation, “documents of business registration and motivation for the transfer.” “At first we were told that it was registered in the commercial registry with participation 100% deberia, They indicated that the door is open to the possibility of other companies entering. However, the unions criticized that Iberia was not providing more information and, given the imminence of the new company, demanded a meeting with SOEGS managers in order to clarify doubts.

Photo of two workers from the Iberian Handling Service / Gustavo Valiente – Europa Press

Payroll, new communications and other unresolved issues

Among the consultations, the UGT and CCOO questioned the document Liquidation, payroll management, or new internal network “For all departments.” The unions did not fully see the management carried out by the company and also asked about the special prevention service or whether the AENA card would be changed “within the deadline and in the appropriate manner: in addition to requesting information on whether “some additional training” would be necessary.

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