Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 25/3/22

Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 25/3/22

I am a simple person, it takes very little to make me happy. Like today, when from kindergarten classic throne so loud Gianluca Which in two words perfectly highlighted the frightening inconsistency of Armando Encarnato. Contradiction that a few minutes before even good Alessandro Vicenanza He didn’t even hit very skillfully.

Last week he had said the ad Alexander It was not very elegant to emphasize certain aspects of knowledge. I think he made the same mistake now, and in my opinion he’s too rude. You want to go well, but you don’t go well, because underlining these things is really badGame, group, match.

This guy is for personal identification Armandonthe person who thinks that proximity He is a desperate guy looking for a following, but then he is the first to bring it into question just to create a little movement in the center of the studio, only a few weeks ago he started the crusade against him because he dared to point it out that pious woman Ida Platano Something small he was there. Never, ever questioned his moral integrity like my sister (Male), open heaven!

And it doesn’t matter if it’s the same Ida To do it on your own, even earlier Alexander open his mouth. Not to mention if itembodied He can never miss a great opportunity to make others happy. he is. to others. Stuff I get crazy every time, I swear.

Not to mention the time he nearly convulsed because two women he had gone out with had hinted that he had tried to go up to their room. It may not be! Half an hour from Peponi, he had served us, and was very upset by the rumors he had heard. A gentleman like him, how dare they try it’s dirty (Male)?

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Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 25/3/22

And then you find it there, today, to give to Alessandra In such a way that not even a predatory mantis who extorted a kiss from him would conceal it.”Without giving the other person time to share the fun“…and not only gluttonous, but also particularly mild given that.”Two weeks ago he had done that too DiegoThe icing on the cake of this vulgar manhood, assuming she surely wanted to spend the night with him because she invited him to see in her room.

You’ll be as bad as you want it to be, for heaven’s sake, but that doesn’t justify anything said and doneembodied. And you know what the really crazy thing is? It’s that second Armando she should mashed potatoes Be grateful, because – having understood that there can be nothing in between but one night – he preferred to avoid it. Oh how cute! What a good idea!

Do not get angry, Alessandra, if, from the point of view of the world, he describes you as the worst hunger is easy enough. In fact, I sincerely thank him that”Out of respect for a woman I did not go further“.

And speaking of people who totally baffle reality, how can we not even mention Queen Mary That – for the sake of the series”We defend the indefensible“Each week he presents us with a new episode – Today Stand by Daniela Manganaroarguing with a fair amount of couragedidn’t defend Armandohe just said there’s nothing wrong with telling him, “Come see a movie!”“.

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But I felt bad, or the lady began to say so”I don’t find it Armando disrespect for anyoneThat would indeed be blasphemous what anyone has said, but more reason than someone who only made a few recordings before complaining about the mistreatment of men towards him. A woman-respecting fan who is terribly angry if they ghost but then sees nothing inappropriate in their behavior Armando? Calm, joy, you got the gang card right, with today’s vaccinations.

Psalm 1. But how happy she was, in this recording, Gemma Galgani? lemon with Franco Ferravanti To make it more tame than a small sheep. Today also I laughed happily at the jokes Tina Cibularicrazy!

Psalm 2. What happened? Biagio di Maro? When I saw him abbreviate the moment allotted to the new lady who had come for him, he immediately asks,we can dance, Marie?“I panicked. It’s not normal for a gang member to intentionally give up a few more minutes of red light, eh.

Psalm 3. After four months at last Federica Arversano He gave me one please. Only one, but I’m satisfied. There would have been two if he had interrupted the psychoanalysis of the introduction she was trying to get her to Matthew Ranieri invite her to beless controlJust because she didn’t insult him after the kiss Valeria Cardone.

But I do enough of this disdain Ida Who – as if she didn’t have enough rich people to think – told her that “I would be crazy as hell“. And the Federica annihilated her through super sharing”Will you do that? me too with Alexander I will do differently. Easy to talk, isn’t it?“.

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