The tribulations of love between two assassins

The tribulations of love between two assassins
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Father and secret. Smith (2005), the film was released at the height of the Brangelina brand. There has never been a hotter duo in show business and the movie used the hook Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie to provide an equal vision of high demand. We were in front of a movie inspired by the story of a marriage in which the two members work as hired killers but do not know their true identities. It is a movie that combines action and romantic comedy, all wrapped in the values ​​of life. production the current prestige

The first drawing of Mr. and Mrs. Smithhe remake The film series, directed by Doug Liman, offered a stimulating reworking of the Brangelina concept. They had to star in it Donald Glover (Atlanta) I Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Flea bag), was perhaps the most attractive man and woman in terms of television creativity of the time, which coincided with itHan Solo Star Wars Story (2018). The possibility of exploring the chemistry of this couple simultaneously Foolish The numbers of deadly spies dwindled when the British left the project. Glover remains as co-creator, along with Francesca Sloan, and as co-star. Maya Erskine replaces Waller-Bridge, giving the final product a slimmer look, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith It traces the evolution of a pair of spy cinema's most sophisticated icons. The two heroes are strangers who encounter a mysterious agency that hires specialists for “risky jobs” of all kinds, from protecting an elderly man from a potential threat to liquidating a billionaire. Having two secret agents pretending to be married makes the job easier: people are less suspicious of a couple integrated into the social routine of the place than of a lone character hanging around. As a cover, John and Jane Smith own a house in New York, a luxury that also allows them to hide their activities. The series thus joins an entire tradition of secret agent films that turn various markers of their heroes' privileged status into claims. There is no display of cars, watches, designer clothes and other luxury items as in the James Bond franchise. But they're moving in similar places, from exclusive New York neighborhoods and auction houses to exclusive European vacation destinations like Lake Como or the Dolomites. The prestige in this case is also supported by a selection of first-class supporting actors who give added value to each of the episodes: Alexander Skarsgård, John Turturro, Sarah Paulson, Paul Dando, Parker Posey, Ron Perlman, Wagner Moura, and Catalan Ursula Corberoothers.

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Life as a couple

But the series stands out above all in the way it depicts the details of marital life and the different stages that any relationship goes through (temptation, falling in love, passion, stability, routine, crises, mistrust, separation or lack thereof…) while intertwining with the work of the heroes’ hired killers. . Jane and John discover their similarities and incompatibility through the tasks assigned to them in each episode. At the same time, each chapter functions as a variation of one of the subgenres of couples cinema: the chapter about the relationship with another couple, the chapter that is both fascinating and toxic and pulls them into the dark corner, the chapter that is about washing away the secrets of the marital relationship. Getting married in front of a psychiatrist, or testing the relationship during a trip to Europe, or doubting whether or not your partner will kill you…

Francesca Sloan and Donald Glover on Amazon Prime

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