May 30, 2023

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Top 8 most unusual hotels in the world recommended by the celebrities

Rest always evokes positive emotions. For someone, the ideal vacation is the sea or the mountains, and someone needs to visit unusual and beautiful places so that the impressions of what they saw will remain for a long time.

When planning a trip, the choice of a hotel plays an important role. It’s always nice to be and come back to a place where it’s warm, cozy and atmospheric. Usually such an atmosphere is created by the design of the hotel, as well as high-quality and new furniture. So, for example, if you are looking for hotel furniture, we recommend that you use the services of the Parasol company. The company specializes in providing high-quality hotel outdoor furniture, pool furniture and outdoor furniture in general. Warranty and quality are provided.

The choice of furniture is a crucial moment, as each owner wants it to serve him for a long time. Therefore, before buying, read the criteria for choosing furniture for outdoor establishments.

Top of the most unusual hotels in the world

The list of hotels presented below will be interesting to those who want to get the maximum emotions from traveling. After all, it is not even necessary to visit the sights, beaches or excursions. Such hotels are worthy of the closest attention and will amaze even the most sophisticated travelers.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

For lovers of marine flora and fauna, this hotel is an ideal option. The hotel has 74 rooms in the form of capsules. Many of them are under water, thereby creating maximum conditions for observing the underwater world. If you suddenly want to see animals at a close distance, then just turn on a special light that will attract their attention.

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Icehotel, Sweden

This hotel is unique in that the apartments are built from the frozen water of the Tournai-Elve River. The design of the premises changes with the onset of spring, as the structure melts. And in winter, different architects and designers are invited here again to build, so that they bring their new vision. Therefore, the hotel is always stylishly decorated. The room temperature is always kept within 5-10 degrees. However, upon check-in at the hotel, each guest receives thermal underwear, hats and sleeping bags. If you are not ready to freeze, order an ordinary warm room, there are such here too.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Lapland

Do you want to admire the most beautiful natural phenomenon – the Northern lights? Then be sure to visit this Arctic hotel, which is located right under the treetops. In addition, during Christmas time, you can visit the Village of Santa Claus.

The Giraffe Manor, Kenya

For lovers of exotic holidays, it is worth giving preference to this hotel. Here, right in the yard live the tallest artiodactyls – giraffes. The hotel has 12 rooms. Although these animals feed on the leaves of trees, there is food specially designed for them in each of the rooms. Giraffes like to look into the windows of rooms, and you can feed them directly from your hands.

Tree Hotel, Sweden

This hotel is unique in that its apartments are built in the form of a mirror cube, located on trees in the forest.  Despite its small size and location conditions, the apartment has all the necessary amenities and even a roof terrace. The hotel also owns other apartments that differ from each other in appearance.

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The Manta Resort, Tanzania

This hotel has its own features that attract the attention of many tourists. He has unusual desks at his disposal: a floating house with an underwater room. Marine flora and fauna are attractive by nature, especially this type of recreation will be interesting for children. On the deck you can come up with your own entertainment, or just sunbathe in the sun, listen to music and drink cold drinks.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China

This resort is located on the picturesque shore of Taihu Lake. Its shape resembles a circle or a horseshoe. The building itself has a height of 27 floors, and two floors are located underwater, thereby creating a complete circle. This amazing hotel creates an atmosphere of harmony between human and nature.  However, this hotel is designed for the more affluent segment of the population and is considered one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

This resort complex is located in Lapland, in the ski area of Saariselka. Here you can live in a traditional Eskimo dwelling – an igloo. The only difference is that the dwellings are not made of snow, but of thermal glass, which in turn allows you to observe such natural phenomena as the Northern lights, as well as simply admire the surrounding nature. The only caveat is that the showers and saunas are located in a separate building.

The hotel you choose depends only on your preferences. And their owners try to use the gimmicks in the design of the hotel as much as possible so that the rest in it was 5 *.

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