What do you do on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December

The weekend at the beginning of December that ends with the Immaculate Conception, with many Romans who lived in the city for a few days as tourists immersed in the magic of Christmas-lit alleys and squares.

Weekends illuminate the city with numerous markets and also various art performances, as museums are also open for exhibitions dedicated to Christmas and theatrical performances among the most beloved of the general public. The lights are also lit in villages where, between a tour of the markets and a stop between the attractions in the Christmas villages, you can spend a few hours or a whole day of entertainment and relaxation outside the city. Even a stroll through the city can become a tour between galleries of art nativity scenes and guided tours of neighborhoods rich in history and tradition.

What to do in Rome on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December

Beneath Bernini’s portico, the international exhibition of the Nativity Scene returns, with 126 works from all over the world. It’s time for exhibitions, such as those dedicated to Dante’s Inferno on display in the Scuderie del Quirinale or the exhibition in Chiostro del Bramante with works by English street artist Banksy where you can also discover the many unpublished works of the artist. It’s also time for the Christmas villages, in the city and the surroundings, where you can spend a few hours with the magic of light shows and plays. As in the Fantastic Castle of Santa Claus in the Longitude area, or in Santa Severa in the Village of Wonders. December also brings in some great returns, with the Mamma Mia musical! This reopens the theatrical season for the Sistina Theatre. A program full of events not to be missed, in these two other days of the long Immaculate Conception.

Christmas markets and villages in Rome: everything not to be missed

Here, then, the events on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December in and around Rome are not to be missed.

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Grotto of the 100th Nativity exhibition in the Vatican

This year is the fourth edition of the International Exhibition of Nativity Scenes which can be visited under Bernini’s Portico in Saint Peter’s Square. 126 works from many countries of the world. Works by many craftsmen, depicting the scene of the nativity, in the diverse representations that the imagination of the nativity is expressed and materialized in each artifact. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Prose and music on stage

Theatrical season resumed in Sistina a few days ago and the curtain reopened in one of the shows and One of the most famous musicals is “Mamma Mia!”. With a crew of over 30 artists and a live orchestra directed by Maestro Emanuel Friello, audiences will be able to unleash the captivating rhythm of celebrities. Success ABBA. He’s on stage until Sunday “Men from the Pavement” show at Teatro Le Spazio. A story of loneliness, life on the sidelines, diversity and strong sensitivity, intertwined with tattered sarcasm written and directed by Pino Amendola.

Christmas in the villages

in a village Antrodoku, the historic center has been turned into a Christmas market where, under the spotlights, you can find many things to buy and give for Christmas. village Santa Severaand its castle, is the setting for a village of wonders where you can walk accompanied by the most beautiful Christmas music performed by classical bagpipes, but also see street performers, puppet theater and live bands. Christmas scenes and street food are the heroes of Christmas A San Vito RomanoOn Sundays you can immerse yourself in the warm and magical atmosphere of Christmas with the wonderful path to discover those little works of art that are cribs and tasting delicious recipes at the food and wine stalls. in a village Arkia The night of Bethlehem comes alive with the live nativity scene, a reenactment of the history and emotions that can be visited throughout the Christmas period. A Christmas charmer who lives in the Don Bosco church in the village.

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On Sundays it opens at Circolo Snodo Mandrione Off the Christmas Market Edition. Collectible vinyl, urban-style market, and crafts for a Sunday of pre-Christmas shopping in unwind between liquor and good beer with friends. Last weekend to be able to visit the exhibition market Luxe District Center – Artisan Show In the historic center of the city, in the wonderful Coffee House of Palazzo Colonna, with its many exhibitors presenting handcrafted Christmas decorations.

Exhibitions in the city

Street Art of English Banksy It can be visited in an exhibition of the artist in Chiostro del Bramante. A collection of his works, also coming from private collections, is a path to discover works created from 1999 to 2020, with thematic sections on works that have become icons and core themes of the artist. In the year commemorating the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri Scuderie del Quirinale exhibition “Dante’s Inferno” It proposes a journey through the works that narrate Dante’s Inferno from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Walk to Testaccio

Between Christmas sweets and historic shops, on Saturday will kick off the guided walk through the old district of Testaccio, which was already a commercial district in the Roman Empire. A nostalgic stroll among memories of the old local market and shops on a journey through the history of Rome’s first working-class district. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Christmas villages

There are many places to spend hours in the magic of Christmas. Among them is a village global christmas In the Auditorium Parco della Musica, an open-air museum where it will be possible to travel through the atmosphere of Christmas around the world through the itinerary of the exhibition. On the outskirts of Rome, in the region of longitude, and Wonderful castle for Santa Claus. An enchanting world comes alive with fairies, elves, and characters that symbolize Christmas and fairy tales.

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Children’s theater

Among the theatrical performances for children scheduled these days, we suggest the “Christmas Tale” at the Ar.Ma Via Ruggero di Lauria, 22 in the Prati region. The story of a miserly and angry man who does not believe in the magic of a Christmas party and who with the help of kind spirits will realize that he was wrong and will be good and generous. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Adika Bongo at Cotton Club

At the Cotton Club, Adika Pongo will perform on Saturday in concert, founded in 1993, among others, by young Nicolo Fabi. An unmissable evening, between original songs and a tribute to great bands, where it is impossible to stay seated. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Christmas fairs

Saturday 11 December Fifth Edition of Christmas Art Gallery Which presents a selection of works that will be able to reconcile the evocative magic of Christmas, in its fullness of sentiment and tradition, with the authors’ sensibility and expressive interior. Christmas is pop music in the works of Alessandra Pirelli shown in SpazioCima exhibition with “XMas Factory”. The intent is to immerse gallery visitors in a fairy-tale world, gorgeous and colorful, between sweet and elegant dolls and dresses with red velvet curtains. Several small sculptures are also on display, all of which are available for purchase, perfect for decorating the house’s traditional trees.

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